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Throwing up blood 3 times have right side back pain and neck

Customer Question

Throwing up blood 3 times have right side back pain and neck pain
JA: Have you had any recent injuries? What seems to make the pain better or worse?
Customer: No injuries... The neck pain all the time back pain started a hour ago
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the doctor should know?
Customer: On vacation not sure what to do
JA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Doctor about your situation and then connect you two.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello what do you think I should do
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

Hello from JustAnswer. This is Dr. Love and I will be helping you today.

Generally speaking, someone that has vomited blood three times should be seen. There are many possible causes of vomiting blood,m but the most common cause would be from an acid irritation syndrome, such as ulcers or gastritis. It is also possible to vomit blood from a abnormal blood vessel or a tear in the esophagus.

The back and neck pain can be muscular pain or it can be referred from the GI tract, but the back and neck pain is not as worrisome as the vomiting of blood.

Since you are on vacation, it would be better for you to be seen in an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center, but at this hour, it is usually only an emergency room that would be open. If you are in a location in which it is not practical to be seen quickly, the best that can be done without being seen would be medicines to suppress stomach acid, such as omeprazole, until you can be seen. It would be better to limit medicines for the back and neck to Tylenol, as other medicines can irritate the stomach.

If i can provide any additional information.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Does being at a higher elavation and maybe drinking have anything to do with it... Haven't drank today but did the last 2 days
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My throw up went from a dark deep red to bright red blood color
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Maybe I should be seen somewhere
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

Yes, both a high altitude and drinking alcohol can increase the risk for GI bleeding.

A dark red is usually from older blood, while a bright red is fresher blood.

Yes, it would be better for you to be seen, as I said above.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Does that cause you to feel tired and not be able to eat food when I do eat I get sick
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

The loss of blood can make you feel tired, and one of the reasons for concern about vomiting blood is that it is possible that you have lost more blood than can be seen in the vomit since some blood may have moved downstream in the GI tract.

The underlying condition is more likely to be the cause of not being able to eat.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok I will go to the Er I am sure there is one here close to me thank you
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

You are most welcome.

Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance.