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I had an infection of worms that I found on 16th March this

Customer Question

Hi, I had an infection of worms that I found on 16th March this year, they were about 20-25 MM. long, i thought threadworms I took mebendazole that I bought over the counter I felt better within 2 hours, but as the life cycle of threadworms is about 12 days I thought that the next mebendazole would be 12 days later but after 7 days they were back with a vengeance and I was on the mebendazole again, because of the time difference in life cycle the size of the worms I suspect that they were dwarf tapeworm that I caught from an immigrant girl I had sexual contact with, she put her fingers into my mouth they did not taste clean. I managed to get rid of the worms eventually and I don't think that I have worms now, however I now have symptoms of a very sore stomach, low grade fever, extreme thirst, I feel cold and tired a lot, I have had diahoreah a bit. My question is. Does dwarf tapeworm normally cause these symptoms a month after they have been killed or could I have another illness?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

you can not diagnose worms in your stool yourself by looking at your stool

parasite worms in your stool are microscopic and can't be seen by the eye

and would cause watery watery diarrhea until you were properly treated.

many things in your diet, fiber, non digested foods can look like "worms" in your stool

this doesn't mean you have worms in your stool.

loose stools is not the same as watery diarrhea.

dwarf tapeworms would not cause these symptoms.