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I just found out almost all 65 cats we have cared

Customer Question

.I just found out almost all 65 cats we have cared since November have Giardia. We did not practice the best with hygiene, cleaning and scooping, surfaces and floors in dirty plac I started having yellow stools and feeling really ill, ended up in the ER, they determined gallbladder because of one test but the rest of the tests showed no gallbladder problems. Surgery is scheduled for May 20th. Is there a chance I could catch Giardia from cats? Clearwater Cat Rescue Worker, Bonnie
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.
This is Dr. Davidgiardia would cause severe watery diarrhea in your stoolsand it would be detected in stool O&P ovum and parasite should be using gloves and washing your hands with soap and water after handling the cats and scooping should not be eating after scooping school without first washing your hands with soap and water.most likely you haven't contracted giardia from the cats.yellow stool in itself is not a sign of cat transmitted disease. you should get a HIDA scan of your gall bladder to see if it is working properly and ejecting bile properlyit sounds like your doctors have decided to remove your gall bladder.usually yellow stools means your bowels have a fast transmit time. colitis, bowel allergy to foods you are eating can cause fast transmit times and yellow stools. most likely this would not be caused by the cats.did your doctors check your stools for ovum and parasites?it doesn't sound like you have had a HIDA scan to check your gall bladder function.