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Erika Abraham
Erika Abraham,
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I have just been diagnosed with esophageal ulceration. The

Customer Question

I have just been diagnosed with esophageal ulceration. The doctor found esophagitis during the endoscopy and performed a biopsy and I called in for the results - she called back with the diagnosis. She put me on omeprazole 20mg a day for 3 months.
I have had reflux for many years (white, 51, 5' 10' and 210 pounds but wide build, so about 25lbs overweight)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Erika Abraham replied 1 year ago.
What was the diagnosis? Assuming no abnormal pathology on the report other than esophagitis, it is typical to give a course for 3 months. Just remember to take your pill before breakfast. I highly recommend lifestyle changes including avoidance of heavy meals two hours prior to bedtime, avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks, avoid spicy foods, try to eat small frequent meals throughout the day up to five meals instead of large meals. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
On the day of the endoscopy the doc said I had esophagitis. After biopsy (looking for Barrett's) she said no Barrett's but I did have ulceration - and recommended the treatment you state above (with less detail).So perhaps I misunderstood: did that mean the biopsy was negative and esophagitis already means ulceration? Or was the biopsy negative for Barrett's and positive for ulceration?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry just to be clear. The biopsy found no Barrett's. I thought 'ulceration' was a diagnosis of the biopsied tissue. Is that wrong? when she told me after the biopsy came in that i had ulceration did she just mean esophagitis? i.e., the biopsy didn't show ulceration because she would no about ulceration from the endoscopy already?
Expert:  Erika Abraham replied 1 year ago.
Esophagitis can cause ulceration but you can have esophagitis without ulceration. The biopsy would confirm ulceration which she could visually see by endoscopy but most importantly ruled out Barrett's which is a cancer precursor.