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Lane,**********. My phone number is *** *******. I received

Customer Question

hi, My name is Laura *****, ******** Lane,**********. My phone number is *** *******. I received your save our bones Program yesterday in the mail. I went through it last evening. I was ok'd for Forteo a couple weeks ago at St. John's Hospital by a wonderful Doctor, Dr *****. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis Feb. 29, 2016. My score is not good. SPine -3.5, right femur -3.4. I am 66 yrs. old, never smoked, nor marijuana. I am having a very hard rime taking the calcium, phosphorous minerals. Yesterday, was my third time with a different, non preservative mixture. I do have asthma, I would say medium, intermittent. I know you've had clients before like me. My heart is great, my BP is great. I do need support on what I can do. I'm going to order your distiller, recipe books, etc. Last June 2015, I had a redo on my hip, it was broken in 1997, surgery by Dr.********* in Santa Monica. I ended up going to Dr.**********, great surgeon but he doesn't talk to his patients. Dr. ***** was on vacation, I am back with him now. The one thing Dr.****** did say is that he had to do a lot of work on my hip. I asked him if I had osteoporosis---he never answered. Anyway, I fractured by back L-1 on January 27, 2016, by a chiropractor in Paso Robles. It is the large city near Paso Robles. I have decided I am going to do your program. (If all I have told you wasn't true, it would actually be funny). Anyway I need help from you. When I found it online it said that I would have phone support. If there is a level that I have to pay for to get phone support, ( I am not a pain in the neck person), please let me know. I have to drive down to ********** today to leave my car for service and get a loner. I will be back this afternoon. I am from a large family, 7 sisters, one an RN is on ******. We are of Northern Europen descent. My grandparents from Ireland. In 2002 I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I did not have a personal computer at that time, my sons went away for college. As you can see, I need help. I am so grateful for anything you can do for me. Sincerely, Laura***** ********
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

I am part of

we are medical doctors here to help answer medical questions.

how old are you?

I a sorry for your osteoporosis diagnosis.

why are you having a hard time taking the calcium and phosphorous supplements?

are you having a hard time remembering?

regular exercise is the best way for you to help keep your bones strong. regular walking and weight bearing exercises can help your bones

are you exercising regularly?

also avoiding sodas and diet sodas will help your bones.