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My husband has been unwell over 10. in the last couple

Customer Question

my husband has been unwell for years over 10. in the last couple of years has as become worst and more frequent he has had a lot of test done. but the only thing they can come up with is cyclic vomiting syndrome but specialist he is seeing is concerned has his stomach has high inflammation and he has low iron and they don't know why. they have done test to check for bowel cancer and to look in stomach but all they can see is inflammation. other symptoms he has is high stomach acid, food doesn't digest properly, fatique, sweats (no fever) , low potassium more when he is unwell. high white cell cound all the time, feels fuller with out really eating a lot or sometimes finds it hard to get an appetite. I have done reading etc and his symptoms etc are al ot like cyclic vomiting sydrom but none of the medication is working at all anymore. I was doing some more reading and was wandering if he could have gastroparesis? as that sounded alot like my husband also. the specialist wants to do a blood test which requires my husband not taking nexium for 2 weeks but he is struggling and has not lasted more than a week and really suffering so gp said he needs to take is nexium as the burning was so bad it was burning his lips when vomiting. she also wants to send him for an altrasound to look in part of stomach that other test couldnt get too to make sure nothing is missed. but i am concerned that will just find nothing again. but husband has no quality of life at all he is becoming more and more depressed because it is getting worst all the time and he is always in bed and in hospital for rehydration and he doesnt get better otherwise. he is 48 now he will not handle this when he is 70 he will not cope he can bairly handle it now. are you able to help?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.
This is Dr. Davidhe should get his blood gastrin levels checked. sometimes in rare cases, the pancreas can make too much gastrin levels and can cause the stomach to produce too much stomach acid.he should also get a stomach emptying study to look for gastroparesis or delayed or dysfunctional stomach emptying.he needs stomach testing to check for H Pylori infection in the stopping the nexium, they are planning to do blood testing for H Pylori antibodies in the blood. it sounds like he is in the care of GI doctors currently.if he does have H Pylori bacterial infection in the stomach , it can be treated with triple therapy of 2 antibiotics and 1 stomach acid blocker like Nexium which he has been onlet me know if you have other questions.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.
do you have any other questions?