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The parasites that are affecting me are legged attach to the

Customer Question

the parasites that are affecting me are long legged attach to the skin surface or under the skin around hair follicles. The parasites I believe are of several types but maybe several versions. One attaches to my ear and has when not anchored moves slowly with almost translucent legs of which there are many. I has other key components that are large than the legs, one the acts to burrow, two that act to sense. When anchored or bothered they emit a toxin that burns. One of these critters managed to burrow into my skin under my ear after the greenish infection it was creating under my ear was stopped with liquid band aid. When hurt they both emit the burning clear liquid and burrows or anchors more deeply and a sheath opaque white material is emitted which iwas the ability to carry larvae and creat a new parasite or several
The one that moves slowly has entered my ear canal and is not as affected my cortisone. When I put penicillin drops into the canal it crawled out with its legs but without leaving the end of the canal near my drum - meaning that the legs and sensing and burrowing aspects of the parasite can extend about 2.5"
They may also be related to the worm like creatures reddish in color that are attacking my eye because I located the burrowing element of the parasite when I stopped the surface migration with a n cream that has .01 cortisone
I also have something that emits a blue color in the creases of my skin
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.


What do your doctors say?

If these are so visable why have you not had them sent to the lab for analysis?