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Muhammad Sarwar
Muhammad Sarwar,
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Hospitalist at UPMC
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My husband is having pain in abdomen from around the belly

Customer Question

My husband is having pain in abdomen from around the belly button to bottom of the rib cage. It doesn't feel like gas, he's gone to the bathroom several times hoping it would relieve the pain but does not. He wants to stay balled up in the fetal position. He keeps feeling cold and then hot, but doesn't have a fever. When do you know when to go to the hospital or urgent care to get looked out.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Muhammad Sarwar replied 1 year ago.


Pain from the belly button to below the rib cage may include the following:


Gallbladder problem

Gastric Reflux (less likely based on your descriptions)

If the pain is in the center and started rather suddenly (onset within 1 hour) --> go to ER

Pain Right Upper Quadrant (comes and goes with meals --> Go to ER

Reflux - Peto Bismo or Tums or Milk can help improve the symptoms

Based on your description, I recommend you go to the hospital.

If you go to the Urgent Care, they will likley send you to the Emergency room

Expert:  Muhammad Sarwar replied 1 year ago.

I am a Hospitalist Physician and your description sounds like what I admit into the hospital from the Emergency Department.

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Expert:  Muhammad Sarwar replied 1 year ago.

Hope this helps