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I'm sure this will be one of the most bazaar cases you've

Customer Question

Hi, my name is***** sure this will be one of the most bazaar cases you've ever heard. I can't remember the doctor's name, it would have been sometime in 2004. I live outside Denver and I never had my tonsils removed. They were very large with lots of pockets and i would get strep throat 2-3 times a year so bad that within 1 to 2 hours my fever would well over a 101, I could not swallow and would have spit my saliva out. I would also get a crazy amount of food stuck in these pockets which my then-husband of 20 years would have to use a dentist pick to clear it out.
We had a 1,700 sq. ft. house with an unfinished 1,700 sq ft basement that water would pour in our window wells 3 -5 times a summer. I was always left with the wet and dry vac to do the best i can.
We have been blessed with three awesome children. Spencer, born in 1990, he is one semester away from graduating with a double major in fire science to become a fireman and second major in art do he can teach on his time off. Sydney, born in 1996, and has struggled with asmtha her whole life. She attends Mesa University and is doing great and got straight A's her first year. Savannah, born in 2000 weighed 9.2 lbs but somehow contracted RSV. She eventually grew out of that but stll has asthma but is acute and she stays pretty healthy so I feel that's fairly under control. She is also on Honor Roll, and Dean's list while taking AP classes. Her goals are set for Stanford (yikes).
When they all got into high school the subject of drugs came up and I had never lied to them before and didn't want to start then or be a hypocrite like so many other parents I know i started with the education of how bad it was and used stories I had heard and of personal friends that went down very troublesome roads. They asked me about my personal experiences and I was honest with them. Back then drinking and driving and smoking pot and doing cocaine was extremely prevalent. Four out of the five girls I hung out with every day, including my sister didn't graduate. So i got a job and started going to class and applying myself but still partied very hard on the weekends. I managed to graduate and went on to college with a degee in court reporting. Anyhow, i met my ex-husband in high school but started dating whilebin college and married soon after. He was a stock broker and I had a fantastic career in a couple different directions but loved allof them and the people I worked with. I stopped getting in college but basically we still partied the same way with the people we both new since high school. Once we got pregnant, of course, everything stopped. Our kids ages are so far apart because we lost three along the way.
So now the story turns crazy for me anyway. In 2004 my mother was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor. She hung on for 8 wonderful months. My parents were never really thrilled with Joe. He was pretty controlling and my mom was concerned about my health because I worked so many hours and never skipped a beat with the kids. Well a couple months after her diagnosis, joe suddenly decided he didn't want to dig the stuff out of my throat anymore and I snored to loud even though we didn't sleep in the same room, but he thought it wasnt letting the kids get a good night sleep and basically talked me into getting my tonsils removed. They had bugged me for years so i went with a referral from our internal medicine doctor and he said I had a deviated septum he could fix and help me with. So after surgery, he was explaining to me that he had never seen anything so bizarre in my sinuses. First I had a whole extra cavity on my left side. Also, my cavities had this black hard substance attached to them that he had to chisel and scrape away and his words were "it never seemed to end" and he did the best he could but just couldn't get it all. The extra cavity he couldn't or didn't want to go there because I have a quirky thing but my eye is attached to my jaw and when I eat, especially looking down, my eyelid is wide open. He didn't see where it went and didn't want to take the risk of hurting the eye at all because the chiseling was so harsh. Anyhow, his theories were that my abuse of cocaine and a mold and fungus had formed a coating and he was not willing to try again to get anymore out. He said the drug is in there to stay and when i get a cold or running nose, it's possible it could wear away with it and I
could test positive. The doctor said it would be very important and useful to know what we are dealing with and asked us to put peetree (?) dishes all over our house and Joe went ballistic on him and accused him of being in business with the mold mitagators and the whole thing was a shame. I never saw my husband hit anyone, but he sure looked like he was going to. I never saw the doctor again and followed up with a colleague. I was moritified. After my Mom passed I finally divorce him but I have never worked again mostly because of back problems but I did end up with a terrible fungus infection and had two separate molds on my blood. Now my health is really bad and I have chronic pain and I unfortunately had a siezure driving and at 53 I got charged with a DUID and have to take "ua" and I can't pass them because of this sinus thing. Is there anybody who might have heard of my story or better yet, be willing to put me under and see for yourself. My bail will just keep going up and now I'm on disability and medicare. By the way, my ex-husband ranted raved and roared that he would take everything if I divorced him, and he did....except for my three wonderful children
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

it sounds like that ENT surgeon was right in the past

that there was probably mold, cocaine and scar tissue in your sinuses.

most likely the long term mold exposure and long term cocaine use caused this black substance in your sinuses.

you need to see another ENT doctor for evaluation of your sinuses again.

we can not examine you online here and can not give out medical opinions to clients.

we are only here to answer questions.