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Im approaching 39 next month and well I'm goin thru what

Customer Question

Hi my name is ***** ***** approaching 39 next month and well I'm goin thru what seems to be health issue after health issue. I was anorexic/ bulimic for well over thirty years and I was hard core my parents pad locked cabinets and I went into dumpsters and im from i good well to do family. I just was set in just how I was going to get food fill up pass out purge and do it again till I passed out. Now I had an ovary burst terrible menstral issues , with chronic endometriosis so I had a hysterectomy. Ive had pancreatitis. And as of this week I've finally gone to dr for my acid reflux which I've had for quite a while bc I also have terrible indigestion and gall bladder attacks for long hrs at a time. And a lot of bowl discomfort so I'm not eatting much it seems the safest way to keep pain free and im talkin extreme stomach pain I have an ultra sound Monday 2/15 and my stool has been black for some time so I have to give samples. Do u believe this all could be reprucussioned from my eating disorder even though it's been almost ten year free of it. Had to get all new teeth do to all the damage and I do see a phsychiatrist but he seems to just talk about meds and how I feel I feel it's a waste of money and I've been to plenty and feel people dnt get it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. SH replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.

Black colored stool is almost always something that should be evaluated for blood loss from the upper part of the intestine i.e. the stomach, duodenum or the foodpipe (esophagus).

This must always be evaluated with an endoscopy ASAP.

Your eating disorder may have had something to do with your current symptoms in that it may have caused some damage to your esophagus or your stomach leading to inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) or ulcers in the stomach causing bleeding and black colored stool as a result.

I think that an ultrasound that you are having done is to rule out things like gallstones, otherwise I think that an upper GI endoscopy would be the best test in your case.

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