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MacPherson~ I have a couple of questions~I am 71 years old

Customer Question

Hi I am Martha MacPherson~ I have a couple of questions~I am 71 years old and I cannot remember when I had a cold or flu or anything physically wrong with me~thus I did not go to any Doctor and this was at least for twenty years~I went to eye Doctors and Dentists of course~ My husband died very suddenly ~ actually he dropped dead right in front of me without any known physical problems~ although an autopsy showed differently~ he was himself right until that moment and ate a big supper and went into Town as usual~ we lived in a Country setting~ mental Illness runs in our family like Bipolar and OCD~four Psychiatrists told me I was just a Perfectionist and not Bipolar~ now the latest one said I may have OCD personality~ I took this death so hard as we married later in life and were together 30 years~I was divorced from my first husband at age 29~I worked at a Bank for 30 years and never made a mistake ~it was unheard of~ I have one son aged 46 from this first marriage~anyway I functioned so well at first after the death getting forms filed out and on and on~selling his machinist tools and so on ~ I had no support~ my family are not close~ we lived in a Country setting and did not get real close with neighbours~they only came the night the ambulance was there to see what was going on~I hired a woman to help me pack and so on and she stole from me~I knew that I had to move to a different province from my birth Province as my only child lived in Ontario~I did not even have one person stay a night with me after David's death~this was very hard and I had to stay with my son's family until my Condo was ready and he is intending to divorce his wife and she was so hateful to me~she is Japanese and so different from us with no emotions it seems~I hired people up here as well and again stealing went on~ even though we used the most expensive company~I know by this time I was in a depression and checked my self in to a hospital where I came from~ my son stayed almost a month with two wild teenagers and had a big yard sale which broke my heart seeing things go of mine~anyway to make a long story short I went to a Doctor up here and all my blood work came back fine~really strange considering I never went to one for almost 20 years~ she put me on Wellbutrin and anxiety pills and after 6 weeks or so I started to feel better and still take it~ the Psychiatrist prescribed that~ he said I was not Bipolar or Wellbutrin would not have worked for my good ~I would have became worse~I always had a sleep problem and she has me on a perfect plan for that~ no other Dr. would put me on an anti depressant due to my Bipolar background~ my mother had it~ she did not get treatment until age 60 and it was horrible living with such a person~she seemed to choose me to use as her hateful spells came on and I thought I was a terrible person~which I see now I was not~ this last Doctor put me on it and I was not even able to go down to the Lobby here for some time and now I can go out with my son and feel much better on this medication ~ my question is I have LOTS of energy real late at night ~ I thus stay up until Like 4 in the morning and feel that well I can sleep in~ which I do and yet I have to think of delivery people coming with parcels or whatever~ this has been going on for a year or so~I also get very hungry late at night~it just occurred to me that maybe this is a bad habit and would one get the same rest this way~I feel so well as I said at night and enjoy my computer~
I may have to pay twice as I have another issue~I have bad varicose veins on my left leg~ my cat scratched me about almost two years ago on the ankle and eventually I went to my Doctor~ she did not seem concerned about the scratch but mentioned the vein problem~she put me on oral medication and a cream~ it sort of looked better but then it started to pain and from what I read on here I may have a leg ulcer~ I am terrified that it is cancer~ I take advil for the pain and what does this sound like to you~I know that I will have to see my Doctor again and these things still upset me~ as I moved to such a big city from a country setting and I do not drive here~ my son is very good to me and he is a way right now and thus I get extra anxious~ I am well off financially~I live in a gorgeous condo and should feel Blessed~ my favourite person in here lived next to me and she died suddenly last week of pancreatic cancer and yet she never said she had that and was well up until recently~I am in grief over this~ now it makes me feel extra nervous seeing how fast one can go and I miss her a lot ~ as I could always turn to her~most people in here are rather snobbish~and keep to themselves~what can be done for a leg ulcer if that is what it is and all the symptons point to this~I got compression stockings this week and wonder if this will help and can you tell me what pain medication is best or is this treatable~
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for this question

Do you take any other meds?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Thanks ~Yes with the Wellbutrin I take clonazepam and quietiapine and a blue zopiclone for sleep~I am on three eye drops for eyes pressure~ but the Specialist knows about the others and said no problem~ when I first moved here I was taking the others~ but no anti~ depressant and it was not helping me at all~ just making me so tired~and I could not even go to the Lobby~ whereas the Psychiatrist up here said I should have the Wellbutrin and it was a long journey~ as they had me the non brand one and I broke out in a bad rash~I had to wait two weeks to get rid of that out of my system~then back again on the brand name~I did not feel any improvement until about the 4th week and then I started to feel human again and could venture out moreso~I was elated~the Psychiatrist gives me all the credit for persisting and listening to him~they give me two PRN's to take also~ but I never feel like I need them ~they are clonazepam~ as I said my mother was Bipolar and it is coming out in many of my family members~my father was OCD as I look back~ we did not know about these disorders then~as my mother wisely said first what could they have done for her even if she knew and she also said her and my father should never have had children~My father was extremely intelligent and was a Pilot and Navigator in the Lancasters during the war and was an Officer~ so his problem never seemed to hinder him~ maybe he did not have OCD~ but maybe more like me the personality one as he was very dedicated to his work always!! I hope this helps~Martha~ I was relieved when the Doctor said I was not Bipolar~my young brother took lithium and it destroyed his kidneys and is on dialysis~

Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.

I'm very sorry about this. What is your question?