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I have a Salivary Gland Infection with a ca. 12 mm stone, as

Customer Question

I have a Salivary Gland Infection with a ca. 12 mm stone, as per yesterdays ER "visit" and was referred to an ENT. But he won't take Medicare-Aetna. I am a 52 yr. old female, who after 2 back 2 back accidents in '02 fought through everything, as I am a single Mom and my child was too young. By '07 Fibromyalgia got the best of me and Lyrica got the best of my teeth. Out of 29 teeth (I only had 1 wisdom tooth, ah, maybe that's why :) ); in any case, my teeth were breaking and crumbling apart like I was a crack addict, which I am certainly not. My doc changed to Wellbutrin; however, I've been bedbound for almost 9 years and every time I see a ray of sun, something else happens. But this gland problem scares me to death. I was spitting up enough puss (sorry to be so graphic) to fill a medium McDonald's cup. Green (not my color ;) ) and yellow. Below my bottom check it grew within hours from a pea size to something that was from my left earlobe to a little past my chin. Approx. 5 cm + down. I applied warm compresses and gently pressed from ear to chin and opened my mouth and it would run out of the bigger Salivary Gland like I had turned on a faucet. I live on very little Disability ($870.) and can only see who will take Medicare with Aetna. The ER doc was very kind; however, it took them 7 sticks to finally get some blood. My WBC = 16.4, HGB = 11.2, HCT 35, MPV =11.7, Absolute Neutrophils = 8.9, Chloride = 96. Rest is w/I limits. I am in such pain from the Fibro that I wish I was a horse. At least they get treated with mercy. Even on 125 mcg of Fentanyl and some other non-pain killers are have worn off. I can't file a nail w/o crying. It is horrific. I was on Medicaid for 2 years but that's a bad story all together. I'll be 53 on Monday and won't be able to celebrate, as I can't eat anything but bread dipped in water, coffee... Help me please. Nobody else will.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

Hello from JustAnswer.

It is unclear what question you are asking or what information you are seeking.

It is appropriate to see an ENT physician for this problem. If the ENT to which you were referred does not take your insurance, then it would be appropriate to contact your insurance to see which ENT physicians accepts your insurance.

Is there other information that you are seeking?