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This is my MRI findings: Within the ornate uterus there is a

Customer Question

This is my MRI findings:
Within the bi ornate uterus there is a distended Endo,ethical cavity filled with intermediate T2 signal material/mass. There is poor demarcation of the uterine junction all zone which is along the right side of the endometrial cavity.
Single normal-appearing cervix with normal transitional zone is noted. There are small nabothian cysts. There is also note of a 9 mm intramural uterine fibroid.
No abnormal pelvic fluid collections are present. There is no pelvic lymphadenopathy.
1. Bi ornate uterus configuration
2. Abnormal distended endometrial cavity signal filled with intermediate T2 signal mass which is highly suspect for endometrial tumor. There was a parent loss of junction all zone, suggesting myo metrical invasion of the right side of the cavity. However minor patient motion was present creating artifact limiting visualization of the junction all zone zone and myometrium signal pattern. Therefore the discontinuity of the junction all zone zone may be artifactual.
Can you explain what this means so I can understand?
I am 56 and post menopausal. I've had heavy bleeding with clots along with light spotting on and off for the last year right when I started on thyroid medicine. I'm currently taking 180 mgs of Armour and still having hypothyroid symptoms. I feel I need an increase of medication. I do not have Hasimotos. I just had my Fsh and estriol and testosterone blood test done in the last 2 weeks. Fsh is 87.5 mlU/m. l Estradiol 7.5 pg/ml. Tester one, serum 5 ng/dl. Testosterone,F&W bound 0.7 ng/dl. Testosterone,% Free+Weakly bound 13.3%. Could my bleeding be due to hormones? What is the likelihood of such a small fibroid and being post menopausal be the cause of my bleeding? Do I need to get the small fibroid removed?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

your uterine ultrasound is suggesting there could be a uterine cancer in the uterus.

you need a uterine biopsy to tell for sure if you have a uterine cancer.

you will need a hysterectomy to remove your uterus to cure you of your uterine cancer.

most likely it is this uterine cancer which is causing you to bleed.

your FSH levels mean you are after your menopause.

it is not your thyroid medication causing the clots and bleeding.

it is a uterine cancer causing the bleeding.

you need a hysterectomy.

"Abnormal distended endometrial cavity signal filled with intermediate T2 signal mass which is highly suspect for endometrial tumor."

endometrial tumor means there is a cancer in your uterus.

let me know if you have questions.