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My wife had emergency surgery on June 17th to have her

Customer Question

My wife had emergency surgery on June 17th to have her appendix removed. As they were taking it out it burst. They thought they removed everything. Early August she was taken in to the er at Mary lanning in the morning. She was in so much pain and was running a high fever. They sent her home and said it was sinus infection. Later that night we took her back to the er. The doctor barely looked at her and sent her home with sinus infection again. We took her to our medical doctor the next morning. We were there for 5 minutes and he put her in icu right away. She had a temp of 105°. They finally ran a CT scan and blood panel. She was very septic. The infection in her liver was so bad it pooled up in a pocket in her liver. That morning the doctors said they will wait till the next morning to drain it. Because they didn't have sufficient staff to do the procedure. Later that night my wifes health got really bad. They had only 2 nurses on staff on the icu floor. Kara's temp started to climb. When it hit 106° they decided to put her on an ice blanket. The nurse started to panic. He tried calling alot of doctors and nobody would come help. Finally my wife's 2 sisters and I said to heck with it and started putting ice water towels on her body. The temp kept climbing. The highest it got was 108.9. Her skin starts to modeling on her feet and going up the legs. Kara lost vision and didn't know where she was or anything. After awhile with the ice water towels her fever started to come down. We finally got it down to 101.5. This took 4 hours. The next morning they put the drain in. Took about 2 weeks for the infection to drain out. While in the hospital she starts having heart problems. They put her on meds for that. After being in the hospital for 6 days she gets sent home. Kara lost some memory of when she was in the hospital. She doesn't remember any of what happened during her fever. She has follow up appointments. In about 1 month time she had 6 CT scans done. The hospital put it under medical review. They admitted they messed up alot. When my wife goes to her follow ups for her liver and heart both doctors say she could have problems down the road. Because she will always have a hole in her liver where the infection was. Just this past week she had her last follow up on both. Both doctors change their story and say she's fine. Hole in the liver forever is no worry and her heart is because of her weight. It's like the hospital told them what to say. Do we need to worry about the hole in her liver? What problems could it create down the road? And her heart problem is a big worry too. Should we be concerned about that? We are also worried about her brain. Our doctor just suggested to see a neurologist because she is starting to have problems with memory gets really dizzy to the point it makes her very sick. I'm really worried about her. Please help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

I am so so sorry about your wife. no one should ever have to go through what she did.

the ER doctors should have picked up her abdominal pain and abdominal infection both times.

in healthy people, the liver can regenerate and fill in that hole. the heart is more of a worry than the liver.

she needs a brain MRI scan to check for damage to her brain.

you should talk to the hospital administrators to make sure this sort of thing doesn't get missed in the ER again.

you can also talk to a medical malpractice lawyer to see if there is grounds to sue the ER doctors for missing her severe infection twice in the ER and allowing her infection to get worse.

let me know if you have other questions.

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