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Dr Oz how can I get help when I'm stuck I feel like my life

Customer Question

Dr Oz how can I get help when I'm stuck I feel like my life is wasting away my stomach is sick my mouth is sick and I feel like my life is slowly wasting away I worked all my life I became sick a lot like***** Oz I have fifteen teeth in my mouth they I always when I eat I feel like I taste blood when I drink I feel like I taste blood hot stuff hurts. Hurts I have no where to buy hello in at you my mouth is so sore and I went everywhere in Massachusetts for help but they won't help me they said I make too much for Medicare and mass health meanwhile the retirement insurance that I have doesn't pay for anything I'm stuck Dr Oz in the middle and make too much for help and I don't make enough to survive because of my mouth I'm thinking the game the way back my stomach hurts all the time I'm nauseous and vomiting all the time my ribs are so sore I can't stand the smell food all the weight that I'm gaining back it's all in my stomach dr. Oz I'm too embarrassed to leave the house because of my teeth only place I go is to the doctor and sometime I miss those appointment depending on my self esteem is that day doctor as I watch you every day on TV and I'm asking you can you find a way to help me I feel like I'm all alone on this earth and if I don't reach out and my body hurts all over my hips my knees I see the bad because of the diabetes I've had two surgeries in the last 3 months partial amputation on my large toes for help I'm just going to die my life is just wasting away I live day by day my stomach and my ribs hurt so bad talk to us I was hoping that maybe you can find somebody in Massachusetts that would help me because I can't and I don't want to die but my quality of life in Spore please help me thank you for your time and your consideration
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

you could have bad teeth and gingivitis.

you might just need to have all of your teeth extracted and have dentures made.

it sounds like you are very depressed. you need to talk to your doctors about treating your depression.

you need to see a GI doctor to have your stomach and nausea symptoms evaluated.

you might need strong stomach acid blocking medications like Nexium or Protonix to help reduce stomach acid to help your nausea and stomach pains. a GI doctor can look down into your stomach to check for stomach acid damage.

at age 55, you need a colonoscopy scope as well to check your colon.

you should see an oral surgeon or dentist at one of the large teaching hospitals like Mass Gen or Boston Univ where they see patients who don't have insurance. they have dental schools there as well and dental clinics for patients who don't have insurance.

are you willing to have all of your teeth extracted and get fitted for dentures?

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.


This is a different expert.

This is not a doctor Oz website.

He does not answer questions like this on line.

I would like some information before giving you an answer.

The teeth pain can be directly related to your diabetes, and I would never recommend you have all your teeth pulled unless there were a good reason.

An important question here is, what is your diabetes control?

What is your most recent hemoglobin A1C?

I suspect the key do your symptoms that unifies them is the diabetes, including the stomach problems.

I am Dr. Thomas, and I am a double board certified clinical doctor. I have worked with diabetes patients for over 20 years.

If you also have labs on the following, I would like them:

thyroid studies

magnesium level

vitamin D level

Sex hormone panel.

Adrenal panel.

All routine labs and urinalysis including liver and kidney profile.

B12 level.

Please let me know.

As far as teaching hospitals, I would enroll in a medical clinic. This will tie you into specialists such as an endocrinologist, and they can send you to a dental clinic if there is a need.