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Im having pain in my left abdomen and it hurts when i

Customer Question

Im having pain in my left abdomen and it hurts when i breath. I already went to Urgent care and was diagnosed with cystitis, I had UTI episodes 6 months ago, I took antibiotics and that took care of that issue. This week another UTI episode happen and I was prescribed with antibiotic. It's been almost 4 days since I've been taking this drug TMP/SMZ (prescribed to me for 10 days).
I sleep on my left side last night and this morning it hurts. The other day I slept on my right side and that hurts.
Would this be a stone floating around my body? My pain is 5/10 when I woke this morning and now it's 1/10.
I also have lump under my chin and the doctor wants to get me into doing a biopsy to find out what it is. I've been having this uncomfortable pain for a month now, but it is off and on.
I did have fever before I was diagnosed with cystitis. I don't have any nausea or vomiting.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.


I'm Dr Chaithanya, General Physician attending you today.

Did you get an ultrasound or any kidney function tests done before?

Urine culture?

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.

For continuous UTI, you should undergo necessary investigations to rule out any major causes like a kidney stone, etc.

You should get a urine culture done once.

A cystoscopy to rule out bladder related issues and an ultrasound abdomen is needed. Get kidney function tests to know everything is normal.

The pain can be related to UTI, or the infection might have spread to the pelvis, causing PID, or it can due to kidney stone or infection.

Only when the causes are sorted out, treatment becomes easy and straight forward.

When there is no correctable cause, you can try continuous low dose antibiotics or post-coital antibiotic prophylaxis, or a vaginal estrogen creams can be tried. You should talk about what bests suits for you with your gynaecologist. She can suggest you based on the examination findings and Investigation reports.

About stone floating from one side to other, it cannot happen, but pain can radiate from one side to other, I suggest an immediate ultrasound to know the presence of kidney stone.

About lump under the chin, yes I suggest a biopsy, to know what exactly is the cause. You can ask for an exscisional biopsy, where the lump is removed and sent for biopsy. You don't need another surgery if pathology report proves it as benign and continue to have cranberry juice. It is good for UTI.

Any more questions, ask me, or request for a positive [excellent feedback.

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Have a speedy recovery.


Dr Chaithanya

Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.