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How would one go about getting Placidyl 750 for insomnia

Customer Question

How would one go about getting Placidyl 750 for insomnia without a Rx?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Dear customer,

Placidyl is not available nowadays even with a prescription.

Since when do you have insomnia? Which medications have you tried? Were they beneficial?

Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Dear customer,

The solution to your problem of insomnia is not medications but to consult your doctor and find out the cause for the insomnia.

If you are having sleep disturbance regularly, then instead of treating this symptom, the cause of your underlying insomnia has to be found out.

Some of the underlying causes of insomnia are:

Psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Sleep disturbance is a very common symptom in depressive illness and early wakening is often seen.

Physical problem such as pain, itching, and difficulty in breathing.

Environmental problems such as too noisy or too much light.

Lifestyle problems such as alcohol, coffee, and nicotine.

The underlying disorder must be treated to get relief from this symptom.

For example, if depression is the cause for insomnia, treatment of depression with medications such as clomipramine or mirtazapine will also help to promote sleep if taken at night.

You can also consider Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for treatment of insomnia.

A sleep hygiene is beneficial. Some beneficial advice which you can try and see if they work are listed below, however don't try all of them at once and overburden yourself:

  1. You must use your bed only for sleeping and for nothing else, and if you are not asleep after 15 minutes in bed, you must simply get up and do something else. Sometimes, changing to another bed or to another room is helpful. When muscle tension is prominent, relaxation tapes, transcendental meditation, and practicing the relaxation response and biofeedback are occasionally helpful.
  2. Wake up at the same time everyday.
  3. Stop using central nervous system (CNS)-acting drugs such as caffeine.
  4. Avoid daytime naps.
  5. A graded program of vigorous exercise early in the day.
  6. Exercise regularly for at least 20 minutes, but exercise must be done at least four to five hours prior to bedtime
  7. Avoid daytime naps, especially if they are longer than 20 to 30 minutes or if they occur late in the day
  8. Avoid evening stimulation and don't do mind stimulating work at night such as reading. Try to finish all the tasks of the day early.
  9. Very hot, 20-minute, body-temperature-raising bath soaks near bedtime may be tried.
  10. Eat at regular times daily, and avoid very large meals near bedtime.
  11. Progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and other evening relaxation routines can be practiced.
  12. Comfortable sleeping conditions are also helpful.

Take care.