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Dr. Kaushik
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I have developed what appears to be some type of tropical

Customer Question

I have developed what appears to be some type of tropical fever over the past seven days. It started as extreme fatigue and headaches for the first day then the second day a very high fever and headaches followed. Day three all original symptoms remained
and I gained another which was muscle pain and aches along with joint pain. All of those symptoms stuck around up until yesterday and my fever finally stopped but I have developed a rash on my arms and legs now. Headaches, fever and muscle aches are gone and
now my gums hurt and the rash remains along with fatigue, Any idea what is wrong? Healthcare on the island of American samoa is less than stellar so I wanted some opinions.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Kaushik replied 1 year ago.


Welcome to the site.

Well your clinical picture which started with headache, high grade fever, fatigue followed by joint and muscle aches and then occrence of rash, this is suggestive of Dengue fever which is a type of viral fever caused by mosquito bite and has a clinical course similar to what you have been experiencing. So if you have been staying in a densely populated area with lots of mosquitoes around then this probability of dengue fever becomes manifold. Kindly see the link below to know more about the symptoms of dengue fever my so that you can compare your symptoms and relate the two.

The symptoms of dengue fever usually start 4 to 15 days after the mosquito bite and the symptoms may last between 3 to 10 days, although in some cases the dengue fever may become severe and require hospital admission.

As a differential diagnoses, other conditions can also be considered such as leptospirosis, typhoid fever, malaria, Rocky mountain spotted fever, yellow fever, etc, so before going for investigations and diagnosing the condition, you shall check with the locals about which one of these fever is endemic in this region. This shall help in diagnosis.

So below mentioned tests shall help in the diagnosis such as .

CBC with ESR, with metabolic panel and coagulation studies. Specific attention to be given to platelet count as it tends to decline in dengue fever.

A MAC-ELISA ESSAY is usually done to confirm the dengue fever, however other tests like PCR test can also be used for the confirmation.

So kindly discuss these tests and diagnostic possibilities with the doctor and get the necessary investigations done. Meanwhile keep yourself well hydrated with lots of fluid intake. Do not take any medication on your own , specially for fever, in dengue fever only acetaminophen or paracetamol can be taken for fever.

Being a viral fever, it usually subsides on its own, so one has to manage only the symptoms.

I hope this helps.

Wish you Al the best.

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