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My husband(who has a full time job for his whole life since

Customer Question

My husband(who has a full time job for his whole life since he was 18,he is now 49 years old) was sitting upright on the coach with the TV on at 3:30A.M.,on friday morning.He was breathing heavy and kind of snorting.He is bi-polar(which has been under control for the last 30 years). and has mild narcolepsy which he takes provigil 200mg twice a day and concerta 54mg in the morning.He was not responding at all to the paramedics or the police.He did not wake up until late saturday night.He had a breathing tube in him,he had a foley cathether in him.They tested his blood sugar at the scene and it was 146(he has type two diabetes.)they tested his blood for a drug OD,It came back negative.They did a Enclosed MRI of his brain,the nuerologist gave him a clean bill of health..He does not have sleep apnea either.He went to the pulmonogist and past every breathing test with flying colors.He went to the ENT doctor and they found no obstruction in his nasal canal or his throat.His blood pressure was a little high in the hospital.140/80.The heart doctor did a EKG and a whole battery of tests and gave him blood thinners.THE Cardiologist gave him a clean bill of health.there were no signs of obstruction in the blood vessels ,his pulse was perfect and no sign s of blood clots.So why did my husband for no reason almost stop breathing for 27 hours and would not open his eyes and fall into a very deep sleep that no one could wake him out of.It was almost like he was in a coma.He went home without any answers.He went to the best specialists in his state and went through more tests and MRI'S and still no one has a answer.He says it was stress and lack of sleep.His father died a month a go and he said that may have been a trigger point.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.

can you list all his meds?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no thanks