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Had my gall bladder removed and a ERCP for blocked bile

Customer Question

Had my gall bladder removed and a ERCP for blocked bile ducts. They did a biliary sphincterotomy and a balloon extraction and stented it for 6 weeks. The stent was removed. Now one year later I had some pain and lots of IBS. The c-scan showed redemonstrated postcholecystectomy changes with expected mild biliary ductal prominence, common bile duct measuring 10mm. The VA I had it done says normal and I got IBS. I like your opinion as I am going back. They say it is IBS from having the gall bladder removed. I had all the blood work and liver function tests and they show normal...
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.

This is Dr. David

it is not normal to have mild biliary ductal prominence

10mm common bile duct is boardering abnormal size.

there are medications to treat IBS such as dicyclomine, Bentyl, Donnatal which can help IBS symptoms

avoiding gluten and milk and lactose can help IBS in some patients.

adding a probiotic into your diet can help IBS type symptoms

adding more fiber and greens into your diet can help your IBS in some patients.

some patients use metamucil which can help.

have you had a colonoscopy to look into your colon?

what is your bilirubin and liver enzyme levels? are they normal?