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Ok so i have been on anti depressants for nearly 7 years, i

Customer Question

Ok so i have been on anti depressants for nearly 7 years, i have panic attacks still. I self admitted myself into the hospital almost 2 years ago because of stress. The doctors put me on klonopin 1.5 mg spread out 3 times daily. It stopped everything. My stress, my anger, i did have some libido issues but delt with them. Then my doctor pulls me off of them because she doesnt think that i need to be on them, because shes afraid of the long term effects. I understand that to a certain extant but she doeant understand how i manage stress. I grew up with constant fighting in my house, yelling was an everyday thing. My sister and myself were both molested by family members. Me my aunt my sister my cousin. Im having the toughest time coping and they act like im just seeking out this medication. You put me on it and it was working. My life was finally feeling normal and then you rip it apart again. Every single day is a struggle for me. Im on 300mg of welbutrin and they just started me on topamax 50mg a day which i feel nothing from. My mood is not stabilized and i feel like im losing my mind. If anyone were to sit and talk with my girlfriend about my behavior she would break down crying telling them how stressed and angry i get. I just want to feel normal again. Thats it. I exercise 5 days a week to try to get the stress off . I have an elipitical in my house. My gf and i just had a baby 2 months ago.we live with 3 other people and it is hard for me to sleep anywhere in the house to get a good nights rest. I told my girlfriend yesterday there are days where i just wished i would go to sleep and not wake up. thats how stressful life has been for me or the way it feels. I wake up to a pounding heart every morning, i wake up countless times throughout the night covered in sweat, the only peace i get is when im completely alone with no worries of anyone elses problems. Im so tired and i just want to try and get through my days withought all this stress, panic attacks, and feeling worthless. I dont know who is on the other end of this bit i really need some advice, help or guidance on what to do to get the proper meds that work for me. Im not an addict, i dont use any drugs or even drink alcohol. I smoke cigarettes which i am trying to quit.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 2 years ago.

Hello from JustAnswer.

It i the current recommendation that the duration of treatment with Klonopin and similar medicines be limited, as these medicines have a number of problems with long term use. There are some people in whom a doctor may choose to use Klonopin long term, but it is usually after other options have been tried and were not successful.

So, the usual approach would be to work with a single Psychiatrist to try various medicines and combinations of medicines to find the regimen that works well for you. And if there is no option that works well for you, then this Psychiatrist may be more willing to consider the use of Klonopin.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.