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I have an underactive Thyroid, I have been on Thyroxine

Customer Question

I have an underactive Thyroid, I have been on Thyroxine since 1991, I have always been thin and when my Thyroid stopped working I got very tired and couldn't concentrate and I put on a bit of weight, when I started taking Thyroxine my weight went down to 9 stone 3, from 10 stone, a bout 8 or 9 years ago my weight went up to 75 Kilos, that's 12 stone, I am very tired all the time, I am a vegetarian and don't eat a lot but I cant lose weight, I have a bleeding Ulcer in my Asophogus and was vomiting up blood for 4 years, I would go with out eating for 2 weeks because I would vomit every time I ate, but I didn't lose any weight, My Doctor kept telling me I didn't need a Gastoscopy and my Thyroxine level was OK, I finely insisted he send me to a Specialist because of the vomiting up so much blood and he found that I had a bleeding Ulcer in my Asophogus and it is very badly Ulcerated, I have had 3 Gastoscopies and am to have another one on the 6th Oct, but I still cant lose weight, I need to know if my Thyroid medication is right, I am on 100 mcg of Thyroxine, I have asked my Doctor to refer me to an Endocrinologist but he says I don't need to, my Thyroid level is right but I know there is something wrong, please help me, I live in Warburton in the Upper Yarra Valley in Victoria, I am hoping there is an Enocrinologist in Lilydale, that is the closest big Town to me, 45 minutes away, Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Internist replied 1 year ago.

Dear JA customer,

sorry to hear your problem.

i am online and will be happy to assist you.

reason you are not able to lose weight can be due to thyroid dysfunction. hypothyroidis,

check your TSH, free T4, T3, anti TPO antibodies level.

regarding vomiting up blood.. what did endoscopy show? you need to be on omeprazole 40 mg od or bd for at least 2 months, if you have bleeding ulcer in esophagus.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am seeing a Specialist I am on NEXIUM and ZOTON, for the bleeding Ulcer, but I need to lose weight, it is making me depressed as I am not used to being fatter than I used to be, I am 5 foot 6 inches, and look very young for my age, everyone comments on my looking so young, but if I could lose weight I would feel a lot better, I need to know if I am taking the right amount of Thyroxine, if you could tell me an Endocrinologist in or near Lilydale or some where along the Maroondah High way, who can help me, it is hard to find a Doctor that Specialises in Thyroid with out the help of my Doctor and he will not send me to a Doctor, I think he thinks he knows best, ***** ***** want a second opinion, just give me the name and Phone number of a Doctor I can go to in my area, I am on a Pension and I hope I haven't thrown away $48.00 if you cant help me I have thrown away $48.00 that I cant afford to lose, I live in Warburton, in the Upper Yarra Valley, Lilydale is 45 Minutes from where I live and the closest town.
Expert:  Internist replied 1 year ago.

Dear JA customer,

this is an endocrinology clinic near you.

try this .

or you can google and can go to any hospital near you, and request for your check up.

I do not know the area you live in , so cannot mention any particular name.

only way to accurately check if your thyroid is okay or not , is to chekc, TSH, T4, free T3. and anti TPO antibodies. your symptoms of low mood and not able to lose weight does sound like you are still having underactive thyroid and dose needs adjustment.

I hope this helps

Expert:  Internist replied 1 year ago.

If You have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask. If the answer satisfies your query, Kindly click 'ACCEPT'

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have not received the Name and Phone number of an Endocrinologist in Lilydale and the Maroondah Highway yet, please send this to me now, I payed $48.00 for this information, I cant afford to throw $48.00 away, I have an awful feeling this is a SCAM, please give my money back if you cant give me the information I have asked for, if you don't refund my money I will report you to the orthorities, please respond.
Expert:  Internist replied 1 year ago.

Dear JA customer,

i can answer your medical questions, but i do not have information about the area you live in. you can ask any medical related question and i will be happy to answer. and just to inform you , i have not received any money from this question. you probably misunderstood the purpose of this website. good luck . i wish you good health. i am opting out, so another may help you.

Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Dear customer,

Thanks for contacting Justanswer.

Please contact:

Epworth Specialist Centre Lilydale
Suite 4,*****Lilydale 3140

Phone 9739 3666

Fax 9735 9436


Yarra Ranges Health

Contact details Address***** Lilydale, VIC 3140 (Melway Map 38 F4) Contact Reception: 9091 8888 Fax: 9091 8899

Take care.

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