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I suffer from what I think is LPR, and I'm having a major

Customer Question

I suffer from what I think is LPR, and I'm having a major flare up. Burning in throat, chest, aching pain, cough, slight wheezing that is clear with cough, belching etc. It is awful. It's acute on chronic, I have burning in my mouth as well. I've tried everything: PPI's, Gaviscon Advance, Non Acid Diet, elevate HOB, weight loss, Carafate, etc.
I'm going to Mexico for a week starting Saturday, wondering if anyone has any suggestions for relief? Also, lot's of mucus and globus sensation in throat.
I'm wondering if a low dose steroid inhaler, or Prednisone could be helpful for the inflammation. I am miserable. Thanks for the input! PS - I've had an EGD that showed mild gastritis and esophagitis about a year ago.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Internist replied 1 year ago.

Dear JA customer,

sorry to hear about your problem.

I am online today and will be happy to assist you.

steroids can increase esophagitis effect of acid reflux. not recommended for GERD. rather should avoid. take omeprazole for now. drink milk, and do gargels with mouth wash to decrease erythema and sooth back of throat

Treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease is as you have been adhering to. that is, nonpharmalogical : eating less acid, diet, elevating head end, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, less caffeine, decreasing stress in life, more milk intake, less spicy food and carbonated drinks. NO BEDTIME MEALS. Pharmacological: Gaviscon, metoclopramide, antacids, H2 blocker like ranitidine, and the best one is omeprazole.

so I would recommend to do all of non-pharmacological measure and take omeprazole for at least 2 months.

if your age is more than 55, losing weight, or having blood/ black colored stools, you should undergo re endoscopy of upper GIT.

if this treatment fails, you might need surgical treatment for GERD like nissen fundoplication. but you need to

  • identify objective evidence of reflux,
  • correlate reflux with symptoms, and
  • evaluate for other coexisting diseases that may be contributing to symptoms. , before you are recommended for surgery.
Expert:  Internist replied 1 year ago.

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Expert:  Internist replied 1 year ago.

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