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I had an allergic reaction to a protien beverage 6 weeks

Customer Question

Hello, I had an allergic reaction to a protien beverage 6 weeks ago. Shortness of breath, throat hoarse, hay fever type symptoms. Mild anaphylaxis. I was treated, but since, I have been having shortness of breath frequently and sometimes hives. My allergist tested me over a month ago for milk allergy and other testing for other foods I've ingested. All came back negative. So I contined to consume the very things that may have triggered me in the first place because I trusted the testing was correct.
I feel it was not correct, as I tend to have a reaction to anything containing milk protien powder. My most recent ingestion was Saturday night, I suffered all night, then felt better. Then ingested something for breakfast that contained milk protien and was horrible all day again.
Now that I am going to eliminate all milk, regardless of form. I am wondering how long the latest reaction will last? I feel a lot better today, but my breathing is still on and off labored. It comes and goes. Is it normal to continue to have this reaction for a day after or even a few days after ingestion of an allergen?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

if you having labored breathing, you really don't want to mess with this on your own and go to the ER for evaluation and treatment for your allergic reaction.

breathing can go down hill very quickly and you could develop anaphylaxis and closed up throat every quickly.

usually allergic reactions don't last for a day or so after ingestion, but they could.

I agree you should definitely avoid all milk and dairy products for now

keep a food diary to see what foods cause you symptoms and avoid them, no matter what your allergy testing shows.

you need to talk to your doctor about getting an epinephrine or epi pen so you have that available in case you go into anaphylaxis with closed up airway and trouble breathing from an allergic reaction.

then you can give yourself an emergency epi shot to stop the allergic reaction.