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I have Acid Reflux and a sliding hiatal hernia. Yesterday my

Customer Question

I have Acid Reflux and a sliding hiatal hernia. Yesterday my acid reflux flared up after about 6-7 months. I was eating some chicken last night but I felt a piece slide down my esophagus. Now before I ate, I took my omeprozale. When it flared up, I drank
a little soda to see if that would push it back down. When that didn't help, I tried some water. When that didn't do much, I tried some juice. Nothing helped. I tried taking my Zofran pill. That didn't do much. I went to the ER last night. They seemed like
they couldn't do much but give me some more Zofran. I tried letting it settle to see if it would go away on its own. It didn't because as soon as I drank something, it started up. I'm no longer throwing up food but acid but I can't keep anything down.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Dear customer,

Thanks for contacting Justanswer.

What symptoms are you having at present?

Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Do you have any abdominal pain or fever?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Other than feeling like something is stuck and continuing to vomit acid.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not much else
Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Dear customer,

With these symptoms and also with a history of hiatal hernia it would be appropriate for you to consult your doctor and continue with the omeprazole and the zofran as prescribed by your doctor. Also you need to stay hydrated since this is a complication of vomiting. Next your doctor needs to know the cause for your present vomiting. This may be due to many causes and further investigations and diagnostic tests (may be done if the vomiting does not decrease) such as endoscopy may be required.

Now your main concern is to avoid dehydration.Hence you need to make sure that you replace the lost fluids in vomiting. Drink plenty of liquid by taking small, frequent sips. Allow your stomach to settle and avoid eating solid foods for a few hours. Gradually begin to eat bland, easy-to-digest foods. You also need to rest. Make sure that you are urinating normally and that your urine is not dark, which is a sign of dehydration.

Take care.