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Dr. D. Love
Dr. D. Love, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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First, please know I am not a druggy, I have not seen a Dr.

Customer Question

Hello, first, please know I am not a druggy, I have not seen a Dr. in over a decade or more and frankly, I have no desire, I feel great otherwise. I exercise, eat right, have 118/71 blood pressure last checked at the pharmacy last week, oh, a 63 resting pulse if that matters, oh, 5 foot 11, 183 pounds if that helps.
I have done sufficient research to learn of my problems and what I need to manage it. I am in great shape, do no drugs, do not smoke, a social drinker only (means maybe a few drinks at a social gathering, not even necessarily on a weekend) and frankly I am not interested in changing. Going to a Dr. Is not attractive to me so I am seeking some assistance, do things right, and of course legally considering it involves a need for prescriptions from a real Dr. which I pray you are. Sorry, I never did this before, but never had to.
I have been made privy to the current changes in this arena which makes it more difficult, but I have nothing to help myself and I am truly seeking and needeing help.
I have no medical insurance so when my everyday chronic pain level exceeds, let's say a 6-(which I pretty much live with daily) to an often aggravated 9+, sometimes off the chart, I cannot obtain the proper medication that truly helped me on two occasions.
I have no interest in being anything but honest as I need help, so may I say, at a time or two recently a cousin caring about my pain (clearly prompted by the sounds that I try to contain) did help me with a pain pill I was unfamiliar with, but as it was my cousin who suffers from chronic back pain, fibromialga (if I spelled that right) among other very unfortunate medical issues I trusted her. I must say that it helped me greatly, surprisingly. I cannot say 100%, but the pain was most assuredly swayed from high to like my usual for hours, and did not even go back to high levels, just my typical 6ish pain level. I had no side affects and I wondered how I can go about obtaining a prescription considering I have no Dr and I would surely appreciate having something at my disposal for the days that I go from my usual 6 to that unbearable level, its hard. I deal with it the best that I can, never considered needing pills before
My issue is in my arm, my left bicep area. I had pulled the attached tenden. To describe, the crick of my elbow up to my bicep. It is clear I popped it, tore it and no doubt I need surgery. With no Dr and no insurance I am in a bind, but need help for sure. I believe the pill, which I took half at a time to make sure it was okay was orange and, if I recall oxy something. No doubt you would know. I'd ask her, but she is presently not reachable. I must admit, it helped the pain in my arm and think I need a prescription.
My second issue, completely unrelated is the level of stress and anxiety I have been and am living through what is now in excess of 3 years. Perhaps my arm contributes, but more likely my financial situation as well as my family situation probably all contributing to the occasion feeling of what a friend called like a panic attack, or anxiety. He should not be frowned on as he was only trying to help me, and my being anti drugs, pills, etc, I only tried because I trusted him. He called it zanix, I think. It was white, like a little bar (I never saw pills like this), and took a half. Again, I needed to see if it would do anything for me.
I am a vitamin guy so reluctant to meds, but I am grateful different people cared enough to try to help me and I trusted them.
May I admit, it calmed me down, it did help me, and I had no side effects.
I've been enduring both my arm injury and my, I guess, anxiety from what I am living through for too long and think I must succumb to actually needing real help, a first
Again, I have no Dr. I have no interest to go,no money. I realize I need to get my pain under control as it ain't getting better and admittedly, I think worse (big shocker), and I know I would likely cope better with something to help my occasional nerves at moments just to calm down.
Nothing is forever, I'll likely get through this financial issue and ultimately get my arm surgically fixed. I just hope it won't be too late, and frankly, I am getting my life in order to avoid any need for anything to help me calm down, but for now, yep.
With my fully descrptive message, my being as open and clear as possible so you understand, can you help me, direct me, assist me so I may be able to obtain two prescriptions so I may legally obtain what I clearly need, as temporary as I pray it will be so when I flare up I have a way to bring my 9+ back to a tolerable 6 and my uneasiness back to calmness when I need it.
I refuse to ask anyone to help me. Surely my friend and my cousin would be there. It gets bad at times, its not an everyday thing, I deal with it, take my vitamins and try to function.
I would lie if I said in both cases I got all the relief I needed, but it helped.
Please help me you can, thank you!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

Hello from JustAnswer.

It is a violation of federal law for a doctor to prescribe a controlled substance based solely on an internet interaction. Federal law requires that a doctor perform a personal face-to-face evaluation before prescribing any controlled substance.

So, the only legal answer to your question of how to obtain prescriptions for these two medicines is to do the action that you say that you have no interest in doing - you must be personally seen by a doctor. It also may be necessary for you to be seen by a Pain Management specialist, because many doctors are deferring to these specialists because of increasing oversight by regulatory agencies.

I realize that this is not the answer that you were seeking, but that is the only legal answer.