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My Dad is 90 years old. He has severe neck pain, is very

Customer Question

My Dad is 90 years old. He has severe neck pain, is very weak, his hands are numb. He's had front and back lamenectomy in '05 and '06. He had shrapnel removed also with the '06 surgery which had been in his neck since 1944 when he also lost his leg, dieting WWII. In 2007 he had an MRI on his neck because of continued pain in his neck. I have results in front of me from the MRI if you would be interested. At the beginning of this year, 2015, his pain became much much worse. Debillitating. He now has Home Healthcare and needs 2 people to transfer into bed. He went to pain management in June of this year for facet injection. That lasted about 3-1/2 weeks. He then had the second injection on July 15th and that lasted only 3-1/2 days. Now they want to go in and do the RFA. My brother and I are concerned because of things that we have read where others were worse afterwords ams we're concerned because of his age. He also has leaky aortic valve and kidney issues. His doctor has recommended that he be enrolled into Hospice. Any words on him having the RFA? Just would like some input. Would not holds you liable for outcome weekdays Dad's final decision might be. Thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 2 years ago.


Such an ablation procedure should be easier and lower risk in nature than prior surgeries that he has had.You may take the approach of the doctor wishing to perform the procedure lay out details of the potential benefits and risks. You may then obtain a second opinion of the proposed procedure from a neurologist that is independent from the first doctor.

The plan as you state it makes,sense to me as being a reasonable approach to give him better pain control. I would favor the plan from the limited information that you are able to share....

I hope that this information is helpful for you.Let me know if you have further questions or concerns.I will be happy to get back with you.If my answers have been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback.Thank You and Best Regards,

Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. He chose not to have the RFA procedure. I have a friend whose daughter had it done a few months and is in worse pain now that before. With his age we just decided against it. But thank you for your time. It's appreciated.
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 2 years ago.

You are very welcome. I certainly understand his reasoning. I hope that he may do better than expected in coming months. Best Regards ***** *****! Let me know if I may be of any further help! Take Care!

Anthony Bray MD