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I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis in June 2007, which

Customer Question

I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis in June 2007, which led to acute respiratory failure, kidney failure. I spent some 4 months in hospital (2 months in ICU). While in recovery, I developed obstructive jaundice due to blocked bile duct constricted by swollen pancreas. My bilirubin levels went up and up and a biliary bypass was performed.
Before the biliary bypass, my bilirubin levels was abnormally high, Alk-Phos and Gamma GT in the region of 200 – 300. After the biliary bypass surgery, my bilirubin came down and within 3 months it was normal again. Just after the bypass surgery, the alk-phos and Gamma GT went up to about 600 and 900 respectively, and is still relatively constant at these values after almost a year. My doctors are not too much worried about these levels, as long as it doesn’ t increase and the bilirubin levels stay normal. I’ m going for checkups bi-annually.
Subsequently I developed diabetes and malabsorption due to pancreatic insufficiency. From oral diabetic medication in 2009 to insulin in 2011 and ever since. Currently using Creon for pancreatic insufficiency.
I’ m not using any alcohol since June 2007, is more active and eat much healthier. I’ m a bit worried though about the high ALP and GGT levels, with ALP about 350 and GGT 1500. My physician not too concerned since Bilirubin levels normal and no physical signs of pain and discomfort.
Does the constant high ALP and GGT levels imply residual liver damage or could this be related to blocked bile duct?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Abid replied 2 years ago.

Hi there ...

Sorry to hear about your issues .

Persistent raised ALP and GGT suggest that there is blockage in bile duct , ALP comes from bile duct .

It would be ideal for you to have fresh workup like Ultrasonography / CT scan abdomen to see what is going wrong .

Regards ***** ***** luck .

Positive feedback will be appreciated .

Thanks .

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Raised ALP even after biliary bypass? I see I omitted to mention cholesystectomy before biliary bypass.

Expert:  Dr. Abid replied 2 years ago.
If bypass has some issue , or mild obstruction or irritation in it it can raise ALP , Gall bladder is not the source of ALP , So if even Cholecystectomy done it has nothing to do with ALP .
Regards .
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Thanks .