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I am at panic!I am 80 years old and years

Customer Question

I am at panic!
I am 80 years old and for several years if I ship a meal of don't eat at regular times I get what I call the "sugar shakes. This is also why I quit drinking alcohol nearly 30 years ago.
Now to the present problem. As I write this message I am shaking and trembling beyond what I can tolerate.
When I mention low blood sugar low to a doctor, the doctor thinks I am asking about being diabetic and I am not asking that.
A young doctor [ we call them PA - physical assistant in California ] while at emergency room last evening suggested that I need a lab test called [ Hg b Aic to test is the problem is there in the [prpbably misspelled ? to see if the blood is in balance, etc.
My name is***** phone [XXX] XXX-XXXX Please help
The emergency room has been trying to treat my symptons with ALBUTURAL AND THIS HAS DECLARED THAT IT MAY DANGER MY CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM; and I think it has.
I am shivering and shaking as I write this. I cant stand it it much longer
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.
I am sorry you are having these shakes.
lorazepam is to help decrease anxiety symptoms.
severe anxiety symptoms can cause panic and shakes and panic attack symptoms.
hemoglobin a1c levels check for uncontrolled sugar levels in the past as a sign of diabetes.
it doesn't sound like your problem is with high sugar levels, but with low sugar levels if you skip a meal
you should get your blood insulin levels checked.
if you have high blood insulin levels, this can cause low blood sugars if you skip a meal
you need to consult with an endocrinologist to have your insulin levels checked
let me know if you have questions.