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I am a 57 year old woman. When I was 24 and birthed my 1st

Customer Question

I am a 57 year old woman. When I was 24 and birthed my 1st child. I pushed my backside out and was told I would need a rectal repair surgery. I was a single mother paying all my bills as I had no insurance and I made $100. per month over the amount to qualify for assistance. I never had the surgery . I married and had a second child three years later... still no insurance. I have only had problems with my backside turning inside out whenever I get diarrhea. Fast forward to the future...I frequently have loose bowels and I have like 5 seconds to get to the bathroom... If I don't make it I have a "accident" needless to say I need help !!! can I have surgery now and will it help??
Thank you, Cathy
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,
This is Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist.
I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.
Your were suffering from rectal prolapse then.
The medical treatment of rectal prolapse is to avoid any constipation.
So that is not a problem for you.
It is the frequent loose stools that is the major problem.
You can get surgery if needed but probably not the first choice since you sonot have any constipation.
Medical management can be tried first.
You need to eliminate any dairies and gluten from your diet.
Also reduce dietary fibers as they cause runs.
Low residue diet will help you more to reduce stool frequency.
You can take over the counter loperamide tablets 2-4 mg every 6 hours as needed.
Prescription med lomotil is another option.
Amitriptyline at night time also can be used to reduce the problem.
In some cases, if there is any rectal incontinence or anal sphincter problem, that can be tightened surgically.
The following foods are generally allowed on a low-fiber diet:
Enriched white bread or rolls without seeds;
White rice, plain white pasta, noodles and macaroni;
Refined cereals such as Cream of Wheat;
Pancakes or waffles made from white refined flour;
Most canned or cooked fruits without skins, seeds or membranes;
Fruit and vegetable juice with little or no pulp, fruit-flavored drinks and flavored waters;
Canned or well-cooked vegetables without seeds, hulls or skins, such as carrots, potatoes and tomatoes;
Also consider taking a probiotic daily.
Phillip's Colon Health is a good probiotic and helps in improving colon health.
Thank you for sharing your concerns with us today. If you have any additional questions or need further clarifications, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here to answer them. I wish you good health. Regards, ***** *****