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Dr. David
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You answered my question about my THC/Creatinine level going

Customer Question

Hi Dr. David, So you answered my question about my THC/Creatinine level going up from two UAs I took. Here's the last several results... 5/11: THC 132/ Creatinine 62.7 = 2.1 5/14: THC 308/ Creatinine 116.1 = 2.65 (increase of .55) then... 5/18: THC 220/
Creatinine 116.7 = 1.88 5/21: THC 292/ Creatinine 103.4 = 2.8 (increase of .94) 5/26: THC 52/ Creatinine 81.2 = .64 5/28: THC 216/ Creatinine 135.4 = 1.60 (increase of .96) 6/1: Negative 6/4: Results not in... I HAVE NOT USED! I don't want to go to jail for
something I have not done! Why are my ratios going up and down? If I had used, wouldn't my THC spiked into the 400's and obviously my THC/Creatinine ratios gone up to the 3.0-4.0's??? Note on my health: I'm 5'5'' and a little overweight at 150 lbs. I'm also
pre-diabetic. Does this have anything to do with it? Please help me!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr David
that is good your June 1 level is negative
if you haven't used, you should continue to be negative.
your May 28 THC level looks like a lab error most likely
your creatinine level can vary and go up and down depending on how much fluids you drink in a day and how much you exercise and muscle you break down in a day
if you haven't used, your tests should continue to be negative.
you are sure testing frequently
are you paying for these urine test yourself?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm paying for these UAs. It's terribly expensive. I'm just really concerned that based on my ratios going up and down (.5-1.00 points) it's confusing them and going to cause them to put me in jail. I HAVE NOT used and I just don't get it! If I had used I would think my THC would spike into the 400-500's. So, going up and down so little, I'm praying they keep monitoring my UAs keeping in mind that they go down about every other time. Then, my UA on June 1 was negative. My last UA was yesterday so I'm assuming my result will also be negative. If it goes up again, I'm just going to go crazy. This doesn't seem fair!
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
it can take time for THC to get out of your system
if you haven't used any more, your future tests for THC should be negative.
you don't have to stress.
how much your body puts out and metabolizes the THC can vary on how much fluid you drink and your metabolism which can vary from day to day
don't drive yourself crazy over this.
if your next test is negative, you don't have to test anymore