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Anthony Bray, MD
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Well Doc here we go again, You looked at my info before and

Customer Question

Well Doc here we go again, You looked at my info before and I'm sad to report that I am having problems still. Very very strange. I did get an mri of thoracic spine and they saw some bulging disks but not extreme. My doc sent me to a physiologist/pain
specialist and he gave me some injections in my back to loosen up some pressure points. I did get some relief in those areas where I was getting these weird pin point pains in upper back. He did ultra sound, identified some spots and gave injections. They
helped. My new strange pains are in my left breast plate. I do not think it is cardio because I can get the pain to increase upon bending over and tilting to the left. But the pain is a 5-6 on scale and has been so for 24 hours with varying intensity. Also,
prior to this and off and on for months I have gotten really scarey pain rushes around the chest area but I think those are unrelated and are esophogeal spasms since I was diagnosed with GERDS. I have been taking peppermint and that seems to help reduce frequency
and intensity. In addition I still get those weird pains just below my ribs and not sure if thats related to the disks or what. I just cant get a break. I walk 3-4 miles every day and try to eat right. Any thoughts? Could it all be related to thoracic spine?
Could I have multiple issues with esphogeal spasms, colon issues, spinal nerve issues. It's crazy. On 6-10-15 I go to pain mngt doc for nerve blocker injections. Is this wise?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 3 years ago.
Yes you could have more than one source of pain. It can get complicated. I agree that you seeing more pain with bending froward and to left does not itself sound cardiac in origin.
We do need to be careful in that pericarditis (inflammation of sack around heart) may be worse with position such as this...
I think best to call your primary care doctor for further direction as this would be doctor most familiar with you I would think...
Yes pain from spine could radiate forward...all sensation does from body to spinal cord and brain of course..
Yes reflux or esophageal spasm could cause chest pain...
What is nature of your pain as in full, pressure, burning, sharp, tearing or other??
Any nausea? Clammy sweats??
Your pain this far sounds atypical as far as it not sounding heart related but we have to be most careful in this regard of course..
Don't hesitate to go to ER and get checked further if you have concerns as to possibly heart type pain( if you had recent clean negative stress test this may be less necessary...)
Development of pericarditis would still seem to me a disturbing possible condition although other causes with your history and pattern are certainly possible...
If heart seems racing or pounding or you feel short of breath then I would all the more favor you going to ER...
I hope that this helps.Let me know if you have further questions.I will be happy to get back with you.Best Regards--
Anthony Bray MD
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
the pain I would describe as full and sometimes sharp upon movement. No nauseau or sweaty palms or shortness of breath. Again, I had a full nuclear stress test two months ago and was cleared but i do still seem to have various forms of discomfort in the area in my left chest. It varies in pain type and intensity. Sometimes I feel like almost a burning/pressure that seems closer to the surface between my breast plate and muscle, then get that fullness type feeling at times and most recently the sharp pain on the left side of the lower breast almost between breast and rib cage.
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 3 years ago.
Hello again,
The "sharp with movement" does seem more of a musculoskeletal quality...
Negative nuclear stress test recently is reassuring...
The reflux could be part of it and may well overlap with other issues. What are you taking for that? OTC Nexium once d day may help but takes a while.. Mylanta may give quick relief and may help to determine what extent that this may be factor...
If spinal issues are at play then your injections may help. The positional part of this would make sense. The dull ongoing pain may be esophagitis too as a possibility...
I really would not doubt that you may have a component from these two factors (thoracic disk in part and perhaps GERD/esophagitis) in part...
So I would work on trying to improve the GERD possible symptoms with Mylanta and Nexium(or similar as you might be taking a PPI now...) (also if you have hiatal hernia then the bending and leaning to left may make sense as to make this worse...)
Let's see where that gets you .. also be careful with diet >> bland, avoid alcohol, hot spicy foods, coffee..
Follow up on this thread is welcome...
Let me know how you progress...
Best regards,
Anthony Bray MD