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I'm a Patient that is with UL psychiatric dr.Regina Woods

Customer Question

hello, I'm a Patient that is with UL psychiatric dr.Regina Woods (n.practitioner)..problem is she left and now after promising me that I'd be referred and taken care of in the same building 6th floor, I went in there today to get a letter head for a return to work and to find out who my new and THEY HAVEN'T EVEN GOT A DR.HIRED TO TAKE HER PLACE....NOT ONLY THIS, BUT I'M SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC BACK PAIN, KNEES OF A SR.CITIZEN FROM 21YRS AT FORD MOTOR COMPANY! I'M WILL ING TO WEAN DOWN OFF OF THE APROZALAM(PRESCRIBED AFTER SEE ING DR.RUSS WHO REFFERED me to Regina Woods for the Celexa and aprazalam....But I need a help me get through yrs of torture to my old body to KP my young mind healthy so I DON'T LOSE MY JOB, HOME, WIFE AND KIDS!!! I WAS IN A SEVERE CAR WRECK IN 02 AND WAS SEE ING A DR.WARREN BILKY WHO PRESCRIBED ME 180 HYDROCODONE 10MGS ALONG WITH 60 XANAX 2MGS A MONTH W/5REFILLS AND ONLY SEEN HIM 2CE A YR! THEN I WET TO A DR.ON OUTTER LOOP WHO HAVE ME THE XANAX 1MG(90) ALONG WITH 180 PERCOCET 10/650s until he left town, that was a Dr.Dave something who worked through a chiropractors office to make things look legit when him, Bilky, along w/Dr.Dave Thurman were all Quacks who didn't care if they killed patients!!! I've had a Maria Matos rt before Regina Woods who would prescribe me the 2mg aprazalam and roxycontin 30MG (120 a month).....the truth is I've lost my beautiful mother at the age of 60 last Aug.3rd while feeling her last heartbeat holding her wrist due to brain cancer and my Dad at 45 due to aN accident on the job!!! I have a beautiful wife, home, great job as a certified Dingman at Ford and I own a gumball main business as well as pay my fees to the AWS to charge to teach welding classes 101 to provide for my beautiful family and I'm about to lose it all because I feel extremely overwhelmed with anxiety (got a script of aprazalam for another 3wks and then I'm out! I don't want to go to a junkie clinic that makes you a zombie and helps none but the gov.
please help me get reffered to a Dr.for a script of my regular xanax 1MG 3 a day and 180 oxycodone 10MGS every month to get my life bk in order and KP my family and home life together until I can get bk on my feet and then I will wean off!!!! It's not my fault that I had aN auto accident then got shipped from quack to quack, but I can get my life in order with your help!
Run a Casper on me, I'm yelling you the honest truth....suggestions plz or referrals. ..ty and may God bless
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.
we can't give out prescriptions to clients we can't see and can't examine
we are here to help answer medical questions
you should call up your health insurance company to see who is in network for you in the area for a new primary care doctor
you might benefit from seeing a psychiatrist for your bad anxiety
you might benefit from medications like zoloft or paxil or effexor or wellbutrin to help decrease your anxiety symptoms along with xanax or better yet, klonopin or clonazepam which is a longer acting cousin of xanax which could help decrease your anxiety symptoms over a longer period of time.
have you tried zoloft or paxil or effexor or wellbutrin or klonopin before to help your anxiety symptoms?