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To make a long, horrific story short, I believe I have a

Customer Question

To make a long, horrific story short, I believe I have a severe Roundworm infection all over my body, including (and especially in) my skin, bloodstream, stool, urine, eyes, nose, and mouth. It could possibly be Flatworm or small tapeworms in my skin (they're all in and around numerous lesions on my body. When I pull a scab off, (I do this b/c if I didn't, they'd just grow bigger) . I've been to numerous ERs, dermatologists, and my PCP, and they all think I'm delusional. The worst thing that's happened to me so far (besides picking worms off and out of my body for 5 months) is I went to a dermatologist in Newport News, VA named Michael C. White, on March 3rd, 2015, he collected $150 cash from me BEFORE the appt. for a back balance, then spoke to me for all of 30 seconds before he called me delusional, turned on his heel (w/out examining me) and called the police on me. The police came, wouldn't listen to a word I said, said I was "harming myself" by gouging in my skin b/c I was delusional, then handcuffed me, threw me in the back of a police car, and took me to a mental hospital where I was held against my will FOR 8 DAYS! I have found no one to help me. Meanwhile, the worms are getting bigger and now they're under the skin in my face, on top of my nose, in my forehead, and in the fatty skin bet. my eyes. This a.m. I was late to work because everytime I applied makeup in an attempt to cover them up, they eat thru the makeup b/c they need to breathe, so I'm at work with visible worms in my forehead, and some are sticking out of the skin. My head hurts, as do my eyes, face, nose, and I am getting sicker and sicker and think im dying. I feel like Im going to pass out and die, and if someone doesnt help me soon, I probably will lose my job, and then die. . Can anyone help me! The worms are flat and crusty, with a bird-looking head and beak and the eyes are very visible.
Thank you.
S. T.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 2 years ago.
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