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My husband has had 2 episodes of uncontrollable shivering...

Customer Question

My husband has had 2 episodes of uncontrollable shivering... Both at night, he gets very cold and shakes. We pile the blankets on and even put a heating pad on him. He calms down probably within 15 minutes.. The second episode he woke that morning feeling fuzzy and his stomach was upset..The first episode occurred the day he had four teeth extracted.. There was no problems with bleeding at all, nothing everything went very well and he did take it easy that day. The second episode was about 5 days later.A little background on what he has been going through emotionally.. He discovered his bother is suffering a condition called Acquired Brain Injury due to a stroke. His brother is totally out of control and cannot manage his life and my husband is trying to find a solution We have been trying to get his brother in a safe environment which is taking and will take a very long time at this point. He had no idea the situation was a bad as it is. His bother went off on him the entire 10 days we were there. My husband is a very strong person but this really rocked him. We do not live in the same state so it is very hard to get things accomplished. This took place about 2 1/2 weeks ago.This weekend we took a lovely trip out of town to visit friends... We discovered a very close friend is in dire need of a treatment center, he is an addict and we had no idea. His daughter called and asked my husband to help her talk to him about getting help. They went to his home and found it in shambles. I guess he has hallucinations and starts breaking things and that was the condition the house was in. The friend was not at home for this scheduled meeting and the daughter and my husband tried to find him for about 5 hours to no avail.. We had to leave the area the next day and did not get to talk to him.These incidents may not have anything to do with the shivering but needed to be mentioned. He is still feeling shaky today and would love to have your opinion.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Abid replied 2 years ago.
Hi there.
Welcome to Just Answer and thank you for the question.
I am Dr. Abid a Medical Internist and will help you out.
Shaking with chills need evaluation about few things first UTI Should be ruled out second throat infection and third acute viral infection .
As he has also upset stomach along with shivering so infection is highly likely .
It would be ideal for him to have Throat examination , Urine RE Along with Blood complete picture ( CBC ) .
He need good hydration , Tab Advil for temporarily relief and get his test as I mentioned .
Regards ***** ***** him good health .
Positive feedback will be appreciated .
Thanks .
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He is taking Clindamycin 300mg 4 times a day because of the teeth extractions.. Would that help keep infection at bay... We will hydrate...
Expert:  Dr. Abid replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for follow up question ...
Clindamycin covers most of the germs related to dental issues but not specifically related to urinary tract , however Hydrate him give him Tab Advil and see response for next 24 hours , if his shivering , chills settles than continue Clindamycin but if there is no relief than you may need to change antibiotic and to get test as I mentioned .
Regards .
Positive feedback will be appreciated .
Thanks .

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