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My wife has had[ 4] four hernia operations and it is due to

Customer Question

My wife has had[ 4] four hernia operations and it is due to doctors not familiar with those who are on warfrin. She has almost expired everytime having to go to IR and total time was 6 to 18 days to recover. With up to 5 pints of blood and prevent hematomas. What I need is help in contacting an intern of the highest quality and knowledge to perform another hernia operation, She is on medicare with a supplement to cover the 20 percent that medicare doesn't pay. She had 2 operations in Boston Ma and one in St Petersburg Fl and 1 jn Marlboro Ma. I need some one to find a competent intern who can prevent a recurrence of hernia's and protect her life at the same time. She has a mechanical valve in the mitral area. HELPPS We are not looking to be on his show
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.

THis is Dr. David

she needs a good general surgeon who can do another hernia operation

her warfarin has to be bridged to lovenox or IV heparin while in the hospital where it can be stopped prior to surgery.

her situation is tough because she needs the anticoagulation so her mitral valve will not cause blood clots

but she also needs a large hernia surgery which is risky while on blood thinners.

this is not an easy situation.

there are good surgeons at large academic university medical centers which could help her do another hernia surgery.

where is her hernia? is it a ventral or umbilical or inguinal hernia?

there are many good surgeons in Boston at Mass Gen or Brighams and Womans hospital and others