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Have hiatal hernia and recently acid reflux. I am 76 and 113

Customer Question

have hiatal hernia and recently acid reflux. I am 76 and 113 lbs, 5'6" with osteoporosis. for 5 wks now treating with nexium 40 mg 24 time release and 1 zantac 150 in evening. on 1 Colace 3x a day to keep bowels moving. eating low fat diet. low calories. acid not really in control, have to walk constantly to keep acid managed. over last 4-5 days gas pressure has been building up in abdomen with no relief even after a bowel movement. very uncomfortable, nauseaus and discomfort. interfers with sleep. could nexium and zantac be causing the gas and pressure in combination with the Colace? what else might be causing the pressure?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.

This is Dr. David

I am sorry you are having more gas and pressure. gas and pressure in the abdomen could definitely put more pressure on your stomach and cause worse acid reflux.

gas and burping from your stomach most likely is from excessive acid production and could be from H Pylori bacterial infection in your stomach

gas and distention and passing gas from below most likely is from excessive gas from your colon. this can be due to eating beans or fiber or having milk lactose sugar allergies or milk casein protein allergies or gluten wheat protein allergies or irritable bowel syndrome or other bowel issues. sometimes recent antibiotic treatments can cause bowel infections like clostridium difficile infections which can cause diarrhea and gas from your colon.

you really need to see a GI doctor and get more bowel testing to see what is causing all of your gas in your bowels

you need to keep a food diary of what you eat and see if gluten products or milk or dairy or fiber foods worsen your bowel gas and distention.

you might benefit from taking a daily probiotic like Phillips Colon Health probiotic to help your bowels work better

you should have your doctors check for H Pylori infection in your stomach to see if this bacterial infection is causing worse stomach acid

do you have a doctor you can see about your symptoms?