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Wanted to know what could cause burning over body ( arms and

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hi, wanted to know what could cause burning over body ( arms and back mainly, after eating it is worse I do suffer from gerd and hot flashes. The hot flashes seem to happen when I start moving around alot or exercising. taking lisnopril 20 mg for blood pressure
Welcome and thank you for your question. Can i have more details please?
- How old are you?
- Are you male or female?
- If female, are you menopausal?
- Since when have you had the burning sensation?
- Do you have any backpain?
- Have you had your thyroid checked? If so, what is the TSH level?
- Any other medicines, besides Lisinopril?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

. I am 42 yrs old male , reading internet about carcinoid syndrome and was a little worried , dr says hot flashes and skin burning will eventually go away cbc test and chem test were only test he gave me and they were all normal. Just started taking 20 mg aciphex 5 days ago. been having burning since around july or aug and yes tsh 3rd gen was .90 . no back pain.

Thank you for the additional information.
You have probably already read that hot flashes, especially of the upper body is a common symptoms of the carcinoid syndrome. Other symptoms are rashes over the face, difficulty in breathing at the same time as the hot flashes, palpitation and diarrhea. If you only have the the hot flashes , then it is possible that you do not have carcinoid. Hot flashes in this condition are also not related to eating - they can occur at any time.
GERD does not cause hot flashes.
The commonest cause of hot flashes after eating is diabetes or pore-diabetes - this occurs due to vasomotor instability.
Pheochromocytoma is another cause for hot flashes, although this too is not related to eating.
Please get a blood sugar level , both fasting and postprandial ( after eating) done. A GTT ( Glucose Tolerance test) will help identify latent diabetes.
If this is normal, please consult an encdocrinologist. for a checkup.
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