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I am experiencing dips in my diastolic BP - making me light

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I am experiencing dips in my diastolic BP - making me light headed, dizzy and a little sick to my stomach. I had an "episode" 2 weeks ago and my dtr insisted on taking my BP., that's how I found out. I'm having another episode now, and it's been 'hanging on' for 2 hours now. Should I be worried? I don't want to be on BP meds. Is there something natural I could be doing? I JUST had a complete physical yesterday (chest xray, EKG, blood work and physical exam.) He said everything looked great. I didn't mention the BP drop because at that time, it had only happened once and I thought it was a fluke. I am scheduled to have foot surgery (fasciotomysp?) in 2 weeks under GA. sooo... I'm a little concerned.
I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.
Do you have any diagnosed medical condition? May I know the BP reading?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no. i am healthy, on no meds, no allergies, no familiar hx of anything except my mom has a little HIGH BP - she is 89- My grandparents on maternal and paternal sides all basically died from old age. I do not have a BP cuff here (going out to buy one today!) but when my dtr took it 2 weeks ago it was 98/50 - when they took it at the Dr's office yesterday I was told it was 'fine.' (I didn't ask.) I told the nurse about my episode and asked her if I should be concerned and she said "possibly." I never thought to mention it to the Dr.

Thank you for the details.
I would have worried if the reading would have been below 50. Difference of 20 in between two readings also would have worried me.
There are different causes which can cause low blood pressure - dehydration/ anemia/ vitamin deficiency/ low blood pressure/ abnormality at heart pumping/ hormonal causes/ anxiety.
I am happy that most of the tests you had came negative. In your case I would consider anxiety {may be for the foot issue or surgery} as the cause of low blood pressure - as the reading was in normal range during second examination yesterday.
As of now - lie down/ drink a glass of water or milk with sugar/ stay away from anxiety. The symptoms should reduce with these measures. However if they worsen or are associated with symptoms like - loss of consciousness, weakness at any part of the body than you need to get a physical evaluation.
Please calm down, you will be fine.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am not anxious at all about the surgery. I've had it done before. I had a glass of oj earlier, thinking that it was possibly just low blood sugar since i just woke up. I'm not a worrier at all in fact. I have a wonderful husband and family, am retired with my horses and 8 acre farm. I rarely go to the doctor (sorry) or even concern myself with medical issues.I eat healthy, drink no sodas or diet foods, only water and a cup of coffee or 2 a day. I have a great life. The fact that this is so out of the ordinary for me was my concern, and that it was the 2nd time. I probably would have passed it off if it weren't for the upcoming surgery. Just wondered if I should be concerned at all or should mention it to the Anesthesiologist pre-op. If you think it's nothing to be concerned about, then I'm fine with that.

you need to mention it {the symptoms} to your doctor and Anesthesiologist. Blood pressure will be again obtained before the operation though. As of now calm down and do not worry. Just have a look at the symptoms getting worse or any associated symptoms {mentioned in earlier post}.
Good luck for the surgery and do not worry.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

and hey, doesn't anxiety usually cause BP to rise not fall?..and I am NOT that worried! lol... but you know what they say when someone tells you there's nothing to worry about ha ha. Thank you Doctor. I do appreciate your time and caring attitude. I don't mean to make light of it. I will mention it to the Anesth. prior to surgery just to be safe.

I am happy that you are not anxious.
You are right anxiety or stress can cause sudden bursts of raised blood pressure BUT anxiety is also known to cause low blood pressure at some instances. It is better that your doctor knows it in advance!
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