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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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My friend has been diagnosed with schitzophrenia (sorry if

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My friend has been diagnosed with schitzophrenia (sorry if spelled wrong)and is prescribed zyprexa and cogentin, as well as haldol. He was taking gabapentin, but seemed to slur his words terribly on it so his dr. took him off the gabapentin. They recently raised the zyprexa as well as the cogentin. He has become very confused. He starts a sentence, then, midway through he changes the subject to something odd and after a few more words, realizes he has not answered the question you asked. It is almost like talking to someone while they are dreaming. what can be causing this. It is a little scarey. He called me in this state because even he realized something was not right.
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray, MD : The symptoms that you describe could be related to his schizophrenia for one...
Anthony Bray, MD : Schizophrenia may cause disorganized thought and thus speech as well...

He has been dealing with it for years, this only seems to happen when they change his dosage

Anthony Bray, MD : the medications may have adverse effects but it seems difficult from this perspective to judge which effects may be due to side effect potential due to medication....
Anthony Bray, MD : When was he first diagnosed with schizophrenia?
Anthony Bray, MD : what symptoms began to be apparent?

What should I tell him to do for the night? About 10 years now.


He calls it the picture show

Anthony Bray, MD : He needs follow up ASAP with psychiatrist...

he was self medicating with alcohol and drugs before he was diagnosed

Anthony Bray, MD : both Zyprexa and Haldol are anti-psychotis and Cogentin is to mitigate certain side effects...
Anthony Bray, MD : your history suggests that he may do better to return to his previous medicine regimen and follow up with his psychiatrist ...

I know, again what can I tell him to do for the night. I will call his psychiatrist in the AM

Anthony Bray, MD : If he has taken his meds already then probably best to just get rest and see doctor in AM..
Anthony Bray, MD : he also might have become confused and missed doses of medicine as possible...

If I can get him to try to sleep. I actually think he may have taken too much.

Anthony Bray, MD : if terribly confused then he may really need to go through ER tonight...
Anthony Bray, MD : it sounds that he may be a danger to himself at this point...
Anthony Bray, MD : he may not remember a word you say tonight by tomorrow AM...

he is on the phone with me now

Anthony Bray, MD : Too much is possible too...
Anthony Bray, MD : are you with him such that you may keep an eye on his behavior??



By phone

Anthony Bray, MD : i would consider getting more immediate help as in call 911 and have EMT's and perhaps police ensure that he gets to ER.. Observation as inpatient may be needed ...

He is making more sense as I am talking to him

Anthony Bray, MD : blood levels of alcohol and any drugs he might do ?? May be helpful...
Anthony Bray, MD : he may need adjustment if regimen..
Anthony Bray, MD : taking his medicine bottles to ER tonight or at least doctor tomorrow may help to see what he has been taking...
Anthony Bray, MD : Well that is encouraging sign...

no alcohol or drugs that are not prescribed, I thingk it may have been the anxiety

Anthony Bray, MD : watch carefully and encourage help to get the help he needs...

ok, wow he seems to hve gotton much better just after laying doown for 10 minutes.

Anthony Bray, MD : if he settles down tonight then maybe see his psychiatrist in AM but he may benefit to be seen tonight
Anthony Bray, MD : Ok well hopefully the calm will last ... Maybe try to have him seen in AM!!

I will keep an ear out for him. for a while He still can't pull certain words up from his memory to complete some of his sentences but has had a marked improvement


I will have him seen in the am

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok .. Good luck ! Let me know if you have further questions!
Anthony Bray, MD : I will be happy to get back with you!

Thanks. I wish I had more faith in this new psychiatrist

Anthony Bray, MD : if you can accompany him to doctor tomorrow that would be most helpful!!

That is my plan.

Anthony Bray, MD : take in bottles if current meds do it may be determined if it is being taken correctly...

I will.

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok -- good luck to you!!
Anthony Bray, MD : Best regards!

thanks have a good night

Anthony Bray, MD : Anthony Bray MD
Anthony Bray, MD : Thanks and you as well!!
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