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I can my blood pressure drop 30 points within 2 minutes. I

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I can my blood pressure drop 30 points within 2 minutes. I can have a reading of 163/93 and just over a minute later I can get a reading of 135/79. I have a omiron 760 Bp reader. Is this normal. The second reading is significantly lower than the first no matter what I have been doing before taking my BP.
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Generally speaking, there would not be a 30 point swing in blood pressure under normal circumstances. It is possible that a situation could exist in which there is a sudden burst of adrenalin that could cause the blood pressure to quickly peak, but then also quickly calm down, such as a frightening experience. But most people do not check their blood pressure during a frightening experience.

Since most people do not check their blood pressure during situations in which there can be a sudden, transient burst of adrenalin,a change in blood pressure of 30 points is more likely due to a false reading of the automated blood pressure machine. One of the limitations of blood pressure machines is that they cannot think. If a nurse or doctor is taking a blood pressure and cannot hear the clicks well, they can adjust the location of the stethoscope, but a machine cannot make such adjustments, so can sometimes provide unusual readings. These machines are mostly accurate, but can occasionally give false readings.

Therefore, it is most likely that this discrepancy is due to the machine method of measuring blood pressure. At this point, it is difficult to know which blood pressure is the correct reading, so it would be appropriate to check the blood pressure again several times. If the repeat blood pressure is about the level of the last blood pressure, then the first reading was the reading that was in error.

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