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I'm 25 years old, been having anxiety because of sharp chest

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I'm 25 years old, been having anxiety because of sharp chest pains that come and go for the past month, had two EKG's which came out normal. Today while I was helping a customer I started to get anxious because another customer started yelling at my co-worker, and I thought I felt a very sharp, dull pain in my heart but by the time I walked off to go tell my manager it was gone. I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me, but I'm scared because I see all of these posts that women experience different heart attack symptoms and one is sharp pain. I see a cardiologist next week but I just need to put my mind at ease, if I had heart issues would something come up on the EKG?? My vitals are normal by the way. Another thing, I'm scared to exercise because I think I'm going to have a heart attack
khagihara :

People think heart attacks cause sharp pain.

khagihara :

But actually it is dull pain.

khagihara :

Also from your age and the EKG, it is unlikely you have a heart problem.

khagihara :

According to your description, most likely the chest pain is due to anxiety.

khagihara :

You should take SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) for the anxiety.

khagihara :

Any questions?

Customer: Thank you. Does anxiety also cause a tightening feeling that can come and go? And a knot feeling in between my upper ribs right below my chest?
khagihara :

It causes the tightening feeling.

Customer: I tried to exercise yesterday and got a knot feeling in between my ribs
khagihara :

What is the knot feeling? Can you explain it ?

Customer: It feels like a tight hard ball just forms in between where my ribs connect
Customer: I'm sure it might just be caused by my anxiety this was just the first time I felt it with exercise
khagihara :

Did you have shortness of breath?

Customer: When I feel that knot yes
khagihara :

You should have a cardicac ultrasound and a stress test (EKG when you walk on the treadmill).

khagihara :

Do any family members have a heart problem when they are young?

Customer: No... My uncle has a heart murmur and he's all all of those tests and they are normal
Customer: I've had that knot feeling during anxiety as we'll
khagihara :

Did your doctor listen to your heart?

Customer: Yes she said it was normal, no skipped beats, all of my vitals are normal
khagihara :

Most likely your symptoms are due to anxiety.

khagihara :

You don't need to worry about it very much.

Customer: Thanks
khagihara :

You are welcome.

khagihara :

Are you satisfied with my answer?

khagihara :

Any questions?

Customer: No questions, thanks!
khagihara :

You are welcome. Take care.

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