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I have a question about DVT? A few weeks ago I returned from

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I have a question about DVT? A few weeks ago I returned from a flight from Amsterdam to New York. After that flight I became worried about DVT. I have lymphedema in both legs for the rest I dont know of any risk factors. I had 2 ultrasound test after I came back the first one 7 and 11 days both came back clear for DVT. They did however found venous insuffiency. Here come the tricky part this week I noticed a varicose vein on my left knee. I dont remember it being it there. Could this be a symptom of DVT?
911DOC :


911DOC :

Varicose veins are not considered a sign of DVT

911DOC :

With your 2 recent ultrasound studies you can stop worrying about this.

911DOC :

With the lymphedema and venous insufficiency you are right to be concerned abou the possibility

911DOC :

But without new symptoms, and simply because you took a long flight

911DOC :

There is no cause to worry, especially since you were properly tested

911DOC :

Just so you know, HERE IS A GOOD LINK ON DVT FROM THE MAYO CLINIC listing symptoms and complications. it's easy to read and very thorough. You can stop worrying about this now.

911DOC :

Standing by

Customer: Thank you doc, this reliëfs my mind
911DOC :

very good

Customer: I'm going to read the link
911DOC :


911DOC :

would you like me to stand by while you read it?

Customer: Yes one moment please
911DOC :


Customer: I have none of the mentioned symptoms
Customer: Except swelling of course
Customer: Due to lymphedema
Customer: Oh just one question left: do all dvt's end up as fatal lung embolism?
911DOC :


911DOC :


911DOC :

very few

Customer: Thank you have a good weekend
911DOC :

you as well

911DOC :

do you have any final questions abou this for me?

Customer: No I will give you a excellent rating
911DOC :


Thank you so much for your question. It was a pleasure talking with you. Should you need my assistance in the future simply start your question with ‘for 911doc only’.

Positive feedback is always appreciated.

Be Well


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