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I injured my knee skiing in 2007. My right ski stuck in the

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I injured my knee skiing in 2007. My right ski stuck in the snow when I fell so while my body pitched forward my right leg was stuck, there was a twist and a pop followed by swelling and a lot of pain. I had x-rays and mri's all of which showed nothing. Since then pain has been periodic, if I wear flipflops for an extended period, work out too much, etc. Over the last two months however I have had constant pain. The inside and outside of knee always hurt. The pain extends about 3 inches on either side of the knee. It is constant, sharp, and worse when climbing or ascending stairs. Also, the back of the knee in the middle hurts. I have had issues with my knee doing almost a reverse give out. instead of giving out forwards it almost locks backwards (only when walking). I'm trying to be seen at my local VA but they are not able to examine me until after the new year so I was wondering if you could give me a general idea. Thank you.
Hi there.

So you had an MRI of the knee and it showed nothing?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Correct - I had about 3 MRIs all performed at different locations, and they did not show anything.

That is very unusual

I think you have 2 things going on here Ruby

1)a strain of your ACL. It is not torn but it must be stretched. Hence the locking sensation

2)bursitis. This is inflammation in the bursa on the front of the knee. That explains the pain.

You need a cortisone show into the front of the knee. This will help reduce inflammation in the knee.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There is no current swelling - just pain. The injury itself happened in 2007. Would a cortizone shot help when there is no inflammation visible?


Yes, it will.

You could have chronic inflammation

In that case there is less swelling but mostly pain Ruby

I would recommend you see a PMNR doctor.

This is a physical medicine and rehab MD. These are special MDs that deal with non surgical musculoskeletal injuries. They are really great.
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