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My partner is vomiting and has diarrea. she now has dry

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My partner is vomiting and has diarrea. she now has dry heaves. what can we do to relieve her vomiting?
I am sorry to hear of the difficult situation you and your partner are in.
I would need some additional information for the best possible plan of action
1. What medical conditions are diagnosed for her and what medication is she taking for them?
2. Has she seen her doctor for the current issue and since when did she start suffering from these symptoms?
3. Does she have abdominal pain, fever or yellow discoloration of the skin?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No medical problems, has had diarrea in the past. This just happened tonight about 1 hour ago. No pain or fever

Thank you for the additional information and for your patience :)
In cases of diarrhea with no fever we usually ask the person affected to keep oneself well hydrated, preferably with oral re-hydration salt and take soft diet.
However in cases where the vomiting is continuous or the patient is unable to keep herself well hydrated due to nausea, has fever, abdominal pain, jaundice or belongs to the elderly group it is highly recommended to seek immediate medical attention as inability to keep the fluids down along with being an elderly means potential threat to ones well being and can cause death if not dealt with due to de-hydration and electrolyte imbalance.
So the best plan of action at this place in time would be immediate medical attention.
In the mean while giving her Emetrol (Available over the counter)or pepto-bismol (available over the counter) should help in her case.
Hope this Helped you understand the situation and the most appropriate action required
If satisfied please do remember to click on Positive Rating (Preferably number 5 please) If you need further clarification please do let me know instead of any rating.
Warm regards
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