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Im a male 39 Yrs with no workout and prior smoker (smoked

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I’m a male 39 Yrs with no workout and prior smoker (smoked for 10 yrs a pack a day, quit 2 yrs ago.)

2003 :
Peanut Sized benign cyst removed from back .
2003 :
Urologist noticed slightly enlarged prostate & microscopic blood in urine, but didn’t pursue further diagnosis, because of my young age at the time. Recommended drinking more water.
2009 :
Severe Strep Throat treated with antibiotics for a month. Some mild pain in bones and mild internal fever persisted after strep throat. Dr in India after some basic tests diagnosed it as rheumatic fever and rheumatic arthritis. Put me on penicillin for 1 month. Upon return to USA, rheumatologist did testing and ruled out both RF & RA. The feverish feeling and pain in bones disappeared slowly.
2012 :
3 abscesses in different parts of body removed through incision. (one under each under arm and 1 in rectal area)
2012 :
The perirectal abscess turned out to be a rectal fistula and got surgically removed.
2013 :
Broken tooth and slowly developed mild ear pain. Dentist gave antibiotic for ear and did root canal.
Started working out and very quickly had bone pain in lower legs (visited ortho and he ruled out any complications and said it is shin splints). Some rest and the pain is gone.
With the workout also started feeling pain in pelvic region and testicles. Visited urologist. CT scan result is clean and the pain also went away with resting without workout for a week. Urologist still noticed traces of blood in urine.
Ear pain persisted, slowly the same side of neck and throat started feeling sore. Visited ENT and used antacids and more antibiotic for about a month under ENT supervision. Ear pain, one side of throat & neck soreness persisted. Neurologist performed some tests and ruled out any abnormalities with nervous system. CT Scan with ENT revealed a big cyst (3.5 cm long) in lower jaw. Surgically removed the cyst and the cyst turned out benign.
Between the first ENT and Surgery it was roughly 3 months. Lost about 8 pounds in the 3 months and started to feel dizzy every now and then. Lost another 5 pounds after surgery (was on liquid diet for a week and still on semi solid diet).
Ear pain, neck and throat soreness started disappearing after month of dental surgery.
Currently 1 month after surgery, the following are my symptoms
• I’m feeling mildly fatigued.
• Dizziness when moving head in standing position.
• Mild pain in bones of feet and palms when used (standing or using fingers to type for long periods)
• Weight loss (8 pounds before surgery)

My concerns/questions are
• Given so many recurrence of abscesses, cysts, fistula –
o Does that mean any underlying immune system issues?
o How do I go about diagnosing the underlying root causes?
o What are some of possible diseases that could cause these recurrences?
• Weight loss, Mild fatigue & Occasional Dizziness -
o What could these symptoms mean?
o What should I be getting diagnosed for to identify the root cause?

Please let me know if any additional details would add value in helping me answer my questions.

I am Dr. Thomas, double board certified physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. I will help you with your question and any follow up questions you have.

There is no medical root cause here.

Not from what you have said.

Why you had the cysts is probably due to things that started in the womb.

I am assuming all of your routine labs, CBC, etc are correct.
And that your serum protein is normal, as well as albumin, is this correct?

An allergist immunologist can do immune system testing, so can an internist if you are interested, such as checking complement pathways, gamma globulins, etc.

However, I would simply do routine labs, thyroid studies and a sed rate.

This will rule out hidden cancer, hidden infection, thyroid problems [which can lower immunity], and active autoimmune disease.
Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
Please do not forget a positive rating.
Simply use reply to expert if you have more questions and details.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Dr Thomas Thanks for your response


I'm scheduled for routine lab tests for next week by internist.


A quick followup few questions - of course after/while the basic tests are performed by internist


Do I need to see rheumatologist? for pain in palm and feet bones when stressed?

Would it add any value in seeing immunologist or internist can do all diagnosis related to immune system?

Some one I know from medical field also mentioned MRSA. what are your thoughts?

Would it add ay value to also see infectious diseases specialist?


Hi again
If the sed rate or ana panel [and you should get a rheumatoid factor as well] are positive..then a rheumatologist.

The lower spine should also be examined, more likely this would be a problem there.

The internist can do all the labs.

This has nothing to do with MRSA and nothing to do with an ID specialist.

If there is any suggestion of lower spine disc disease, you should have an MRI of the lower spine.

Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
Please do not forget a positive rating.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What is your suspicion in the lower spine area? Why are you suspecting it? If I may ask.




Degenerative disc problems.
Only one possibility.
There are many
Autoimmune disease
Heavy metals
Other toxins
B vitamin deficiencies
Hidden infection
Hidden malignancy...

All fairly easily ruled out.
Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
Please do not forget a positive rating.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Degenerative Disc - Did some basic reading on the topic...What parts of my symptoms made you suspect it?

The feet; comes and goes.

However, that would not explain the hands.
Unless the degeneration were in at least 2 locations.