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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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Experience:  14 years experience in the field of Family Practice
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I experienced abdominal pain the other day and my stomach

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i experienced abdominal pain the other day and my stomach got real puffy like air inside of it..was followed by nausea
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray, MD : the symptoms that you describe could fit with several possible causes. How things develop over several days time will probably help to determine cause...
Anthony Bray, MD : Have you had constipation? ( more than 3 days between bowel movements??)
Anthony Bray, MD : is this sense of pain consistent with diffuse cramping over the mid and lower abdomen??
Anthony Bray, MD : this could fit possibly with constipation or gastroenteritis as possible causes...

no constipation and the pain still exists but comes and goes similar to contractions lower abdomen


i also suffered 2 gallbladder attacks before this happened

Anthony Bray, MD : a gastroenteritis usually caused by infection of intestines may lead into diarrhea so if you develop that then that would be consistent with this cause.... Most gastroenteritis infections are viral and self- limited in time but some may be bacterial and some may be serious....
Anthony Bray, MD : Do you still have gallbladder? Do you have gallstones??

yes have gallstones and still have gallbladder

Anthony Bray, MD : has your pain been distinct from the gallbladder type pain??

it started day after attack

Anthony Bray, MD : it sounds that you are describing more lower abdominal pain...


Anthony Bray, MD : Ok well let's review a few key RED FLAG symptoms to watch for and get help if you have these....
Anthony Bray, MD : if you have pain do severe that you can't sleep through it at all then I would advise that you go ahead to ER...
Anthony Bray, MD : pain too severe to sleep I score as a 6/ 10... I describe a 10/ 10 as comparable to being chained and dragged behind 18 wheeler...
Anthony Bray, MD : watch for abdominal pain PLUS FEVER with temp greater than 101.5 >> combination could reflect serious condition such as infection of gallbladder "
Anthony Bray, MD : "surgical abdomen" we call it .... No BM's/ lack of bowel activity -- not passing gas--- increasing pain-- increasing fever-- heart pounding--- progressive nausea and vomiting ---
Anthony Bray, MD : the above scenario would fit with possible intra-abdominal I devotion and the main thing to watch for...
Anthony Bray, MD : depending on cause then you might develop diarrhea... If do then watch for post diarrhea as another RED FLAG type symptom...
Anthony Bray, MD : if loose brown watery stools develop then that is probably not emergent and you could treat with Pepto Bismol as a possible option...
Anthony Bray, MD : one dose after each loose stool up to 7 doses in a day and Mac 5 days....

yes i have loose watery stool past 2 days

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok then that sounds consistent with gastroenteritis as your probable cause ...
Anthony Bray, MD : you need to watch for potential problems with nausea and vomiting plus the diarrhea as both together will rapidly dehydrate you!!


Anthony Bray, MD : You are best to treat with gentle fluids initially --- soups, tea, Gatorade for example...
Anthony Bray, MD : these tend to be 100% absorbed and prevent dehydration ...
Anthony Bray, MD : If you tolerate these then progress with more bland type foods--- carbs( easiest to digest) bread/ rice/ pasta with white sauce/ soups/ apple sauce / bananas....
Anthony Bray, MD : avoid meats hot spicy foods and acidic foods /// avoid for short term much protein or fatty foods...
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