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Pain on my left side. It is from my back to my abdomen. I

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Pain on my left side. It is from my back to my abdomen. I have an IUD so I do not have period but have blood when I go to the bathroom. I went to a walk-in clinic on Monday they said there was blood in my urine, which has gotten worse because Monday I could not see it. They thought it was kidney stones but the CT Scan showed that it was not and they only thing it showed was a 3 cm cyst on my ovary. Can a cyst cause the problems I am having? The pain is getting worse - it feels like someone beat my back with a bat and it hurts to move on that side. I need to find out where I need to go to next.
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

welcome to the chat

Dr. Natasha : please type and hit reply
Dr. Natasha : Do you have blood when you urinate or when you have a BM
Dr. Natasha : did they check your urine for infection?
Dr. Natasha : when did this pain start?

Blood when I urinate. They checked my kidney function and that was all I was told.


The pain started Sunday in the middle of the night. I rolled over on that side and the pain was so bad it woke me up; however, when I went to bed I was fine.

Dr. Natasha : did they check your urine for infectino?
Dr. Natasha : **infection
Dr. Natasha : are you on antibiotics?

I am not sure. They told me I had blood in my urine but that was all they told me about my urine.

Dr. Natasha : ok. are you on antibiotics?

No, I am not on any antibiotic

Dr. Natasha : So they sent you home without any explanation for the blood in your urine and the pain?

They thought it was a kidney stone but the CT Scan showed it was not a kidney stone.

Dr. Natasha : Right. so did they tell you what else it could be?

They said there was a 3 cm cyst on my uteris, but they could not tell me if that was causing the problems.

Dr. Natasha : ok. well there are two things that would cause blood in your urine at your age (major things)
Dr. Natasha : kidney stone
Dr. Natasha : infection
Dr. Natasha : If they are not going to treat you for a kidney stone, they should at least have given you antibiotics for presumed infection
Dr. Natasha : you can also have a kidney stone on ct which was missed
Dr. Natasha : it doesn't happen that often but it can
Dr. Natasha : at this point, I would see a urologist- they may decide to do an ultrasound on your kidney to see if it is swollen

That was what I needed to know. I did not believe the cyst was the problem because I have had it for awhile

Dr. Natasha : but if you are still having this much pain, you need to go back to the ER
Dr. Natasha : you need some pain medication at leas
Dr. Natasha : *least
Dr. Natasha : but a cyst does not cause this....

Thank you for your help. I have pain medicine for a couple days.

Dr. Natasha : you are welcome
Dr. Natasha : I hope that I provided you with excellent service? ;-)?
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