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Experience:  I am board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics with over 7 years experience in large, academic medical centers.
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I've been reading about matula herbal formula.Sponsers say

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I've been reading about matula herbal formula.Sponsers say that matula herbal will heal ,H Pylori,100 %.Is this known to be true.Thank you,Charlie

Hi - I would like to help you with your question.

There is no documented evidence in the medical literature that this supplement works to eradicate HPylori.

That said, there are several anecdotal reports that this supplement does work to eradicate the bacteria. It is quite possible that it does work.

However, my caution to you in regards ***** ***** this supplement is that without FDA regulations, anyone can package it as virtually anything. Be sure and read the ingredients carefully as you are not sure exactly what a distributor will put into the package.

For me personally, I generally tend to be cautious about new therapies until they are studied in a controlled, peer-reviewed fashion and published in the medical literature. However, several of my colleagues, who are excellent physicians, are more apt to recommend herbal and alternative therapies. Further, current medications we prescribe to eradicate HPylori work very well with few side effects.

I have copied a good review of HPylori and its treatments, including a good blurb about matula that includes a reliable website to purchase a trustworthy product.

Good luck and I hope this answer has helped you. Please reply if you have any other questions. Regards

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What are some of the meds that you prescribe to eradicate h pylori.Now can a regular MD. PRESCRIBE ME MEDS. WITH MY SYMTOMS OR DO I HAVE TO SEE A SPECIALIST ,TO GET TESTED 1ST.

Currently there is a well accepted treatment regimen that consists of prilosec, amoxicillin, and clarithromycin for 2 weeks.
Any doctor can order the diagnostic tests - either a breath test, a blood sample, or a stool sample.
If you did see a GI specialist, then they would do an EGD (a scope that they pass into your stomach) and take some biopsies...but this test is not needed.
Many times, a regular doctor can diagnose it on the symptoms you have and the blood test and then prescribe you the medications.
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