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The Colace instructions say not to take Colace for more than

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The Colace instructions say not to take Colace for more than one week. Since that is the case, and since I have already taken them for a week, how long of an interval should I wait before taking Colace again? 3 days? 4 days? A week? Thank you.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

you can safely take colace for longer than a week if your doctor has approved this.

colace is a very safe stool softener and I have had patients stay on it for years.

I would take 3-4 day break from it now and you can start up again

but if you find that you want to take it continuously for a longer period of time, just talk to your doctor about it and let them know. I'm sure they will ok it for you to stay on it continuously.

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I also had an experience once when I would take 2 Colace pills everyday continuously and non-stop, and in about 3 or 4 weeks, I felt very sick. I had fever, or felt like I had a fever, I felt very weak, I did not urinate, all I excreted was water, and I had lost 15-20 pounds. I finally went to the emergency room, thinking I had become seriously dehydrated, and they told me it was because of taking the Colace like I did. Not even Imonium-AD had stopped the excretion of water.

colace can cause diarrhea in some patients.

you might have to decrease your dose and only use one pill a day

or use it for short periods of time only

or use other stool softeners like eating prunes or metamucil fiber supplements.

some people react to colace differently.

usually it is very well tolerated and don't cause problems.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

With the extra information I have given you, would you still say a 4 day break is sufficient? Thank you.

Yes a 4 day break is fine

You should get diarrhea with a 4 day break
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